Gingivectomy surgery cost in Dubai

Gingivectomy is carried out to cut away undesired parts of gum that may result from aging, gum injury, or gum diseases such as gingivitis or other bacterial infections. It is a surgical treatment, making it an older and well-tested dental procedure. A dental surgeon performs the surgery either manually or through relatively newer methods such as electro surgery and laser gingivectomy. Gingivectomy becomes recommendable in the case of many gum diseases because most of them lead to complications such as hardened plaques or calculus. However, cosmetic and aesthetic reasons such as treating gummy smiles are also major ones to make one opt for this treatment.


This dental procedure begins with applying a local anesthetic to the gum area to be removed. After numbing the area, your oral surgeon performs a tissue incision to cut the undesired gum tissue with the help of manual surgical tools or, in more advanced setups, with the help of laser or electro surgery tools. The procedure stimulates greater saliva secretion. To get it out, a suction tool is also used. After removing the outgrowth, the gum line is shaped according to the desire with the help of laser tools. Finally, a bandage is placed on the gum part to heal appropriately. The time taken by this procedure depends on the size of the part to remove. However, usually, it takes an hour or less.

In the case of electro surgery, high-frequency waveforms are passed through the gum tissues to achieve desired surgical effects. It is mainly used when a blood-free environment is required. Similarly, laser tools reduce the risk of infection caused by bacteria. It reduces inflammation and pain in the gum, thereby facilitating the healing process. Gingivectomy surgery is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai for its satisfactory results.


Since gingivectomy involves the application of local anesthetics, one can immediately leave after completion of the procedure. However, one must remember that sharp pain can be felt once the numbing caused by anesthetic ends. The recovery also includes replacing the bandages with newer dressing and during that, one may bleed as well. For this reason, someone who has undergone a gingivectomy is asked to eat soft food. In addition, mild painkillers like acetaminophen are also recommended. To further alleviate the pain and irritation, a soft compress is also recommended to be applied on the cheeks. The sore and irritation subside after a week or so. Only then, on the advice of your dentist, the bandages should be removed permanently and a regular diet resumed.

Why Is Gingivectomy Preferable?

With noticeable improvement in the damaged gum and smile appearance, gingivectomy is preferable because it costs low. In addition to that, the procedure is very safe, and the time required for recovery is not more than a week. This makes gingivectomy a more common method of treating gum damages than gingivoplasty, which is only used in case of gum problems of genetic nature.

Gingivectomy Surgery Cost in Dubai

At Dynamic Clinic, you can get gingivectomy surgery for AED 1300 per session. However, gingivectomy surgery price in Dubai varies according to different factors. These factors are:

Condition of Your Teeth

If you have problems with multiple teeth, the price may be higher. In other cases, your doctor may cost you less if more than three teeth are being treated in a single session.

The Number of Sessions

The condition of your teeth determines the number of sessions you will get. A patient is charged according to the number of sessions.

Your surgeon

The price of a gingivectomy depends on the surgeon that you have chosen. If you opt for a highly qualified surgeon, you will be charged accordingly to their fee.

Location of the Clinic

No two states, cities, or countries can have the same price for gingivectomy. The cost varies as the location changes. Location of the clinic is a big determiner of the price.

Having said that, the price of gingivectomy is usually determined after the treatment has been carried out. Although for a rough estimate, you need to consult the surgeon you have chosen.

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