How Much Does the Cost of Derma Roller Treatment in Dubai

Everyone loves healthy skin. But most often, a dream of its flawless appearance remains unfulfilled due to, wrinkles, acne fine lines, sagging, and so on. In this way, skin rejuvenation is obligatory. Numerous procedures available as well and most of them are expensive and difficult to afford. Besides, if we talk about budget-friendly conducts, then you cannot find a better option than Derma Roller treatment.

How Much Does the Cost of Derma Roller Treatment in Dubai?

This query is a concern of everyone else who falls victim to skin pigmentation. However, it’s not covered by the insurance companies, which is why most seek its exact charges. If you’re also looking for its cost then keep reading. This blog will be a great help to you in this matter because we have covered all the cost relevant aspects you should know.

Before we get into the details of cost. Let’s identify its procedure!

Microneedling or Derma roller treatment helps smooth wrinkles, damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and acne spots, along with improving the skin tone. Basically, it’s entailed by a needle device that is gently moved over the skin so that it can conceal all affected areas. This act embraces blood flow, improves collagen, and renews elastin building. This way you can simply grasp the baby skin without any maximum effort or downtime.

Derma Roller Treatment Cost in Dubai:

The cost of Derma roller treatment or microneedling in Dubai starts with AED 500 to AED 1000. By availing of more than one session from us, you can simply get our discounted offers. Still, the exact cost is unknown. Since each of us is different having diverse skin concerns so its cost varies accordingly.

To know its precise charges in your case, please book an appointment with us.

How is the Cost Calculated?

There is no fixed amount for microneedling. Various derma rollers are accessible in the market. Based on their brand, needle size, and efficiency, the cost range fluctuates. Also, some other factors such as skin type, color, and condition are important aspects to conclude the overall cost. That is why a patient’s examination is a must.

Go through some elements that can become a cause of unstable cost. Please check out.

Pointed Areas:

The cost of microneedling is affected individually by the area being treated. Sometimes when more than one surface region is directed than definitely more time is spent on the treatment and more product also. This typically results in higher prices.

Cosmetic Sessions:

Each microneedling session has a specific rate. Normally you need to go for a maximum of 3-4 sessions. Depending upon the skin form, and ultimate structure, doctors advise the number of sittings. As long as you go for more, the cost would fluctuate.

Topical Serum:

Topical serums are used in combination with the derma roller device as an anti-aging booster. Most doctors prefer Hyaluronic acid. Along with the usage of this serum, the actual treatment price increases slightly but does not go beyond the range.

By keeping all these things in mind, you should go for the trusted clinic location that uses high-quality equipment. At Dynamic we offer top-class derma roller treatment at reasonable rates.

Let’s conclude!

Derma roller treatment or microneedling helps to get rid of acne, stretch marks, to provide rejuvenated skin. Briefly, it’s the secret behind younger-looking skin. The cost of its treatment is an important factor, but you should also consider the location, facilities, and reputation of the clinic you’re considering this treatment from. At our clinic, you can get this conduct from our experts without any fear! Its cost is calculated as AED 500 to AED 1000 per session.

How much does the cost of Derma Roller Treatment in Dubai?

I expect that you do not doubt this query but still if you wish to know more than prefer seeking the advice from our consultants.