How Much Does Sexologist Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Sex is the most integral part of a couple’s life, the main reason for the happiness and break from the hectic routine that people in relationships find nothing peaceful and comforting. Having each other take off the tiredness at the end of the day makes every night relaxed with a more robust physical bond. Most people cannot do it for several reasons, but the problems can be corrected in many ways. A Sexologist in Dubai will help you related to any sexual issue you have. Learn more to clarify your mind and make yourself a well-informed patient. 

Who is a Sexologist?

A sexologist is a specialized practitioner who studies human sexual relationships, is an expert in human sexuality, and helps correct the problems people usually face during their sexual intercourse. A sexologist has no link with the surgeries or non-surgical treatments. Instead, he counsels both men and women with medicines, sex therapy, talks and guidance for improving their relationships. 

When to Consult a Sexologist?

Both men and women can consult sexologists if they are having issues in their sexual relationships, especially for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • If you are trying your best to make your partner happy in bed, nothing works.
  • If you cannot make the physical relationship stronger with your partner, you want to do it. Still, the ability to have pleasureful sex is looking something impossible to you.
  • If you both are dissatisfied and unhappy and feel exactly the same, you must consult a sexologist to strengthen your physical bond.
  • If you are having uncomfortable and painful sexual intercourse or facing problems turning each other on.
  • If there are weaker to no orgasms or more inadequate erection.
  • If the men have ejaculatory disorders.
  • If the penetrative sex is no more amusement for you, and if one of you or you both have been going through psychological problems. 

There is a cure for every problem in this world, and people shouldn’t feel ashamed to go the way that leads them to correct whatever problem they’re facing. Nowadays, dissatisfied sex is the main reason behind divorce and separation due to the no stronger physical bond. 

Sex Issues Addressed by Sexologists:

Sexologist in Dubai treats every sex-related problem as they are the high-qualified doctors in human sexual relationships. Following are the intercourse issues. You might find yours there!

  • Lack of Orgasm- When a person finds it hard to reach an orgasm intense enough for satisfaction. 
  • Difficulty in Sexual Orientation- If you don’t feel physically and emotionally attracted to your partner, which is one of the main reasons behind pleasant sex. 
  • Hypersexuality disorder or Compulsive Sexual Behaviour- Also called sex addiction, is a psychiatric disorder in which sexual behaviour is not manageable. The person takes it to an extreme level and causes distress. 
  • Impulsive Sexual Behaviour- A sex addiction in which a person engages in sexual activity and can’t stop leading to life-threatening factors. 
  • Erectile Dysfunction- A person can’t achieve and hold the erection firm enough for sex. 
  • Ejaculatory Disorders- A condition in which a person ejaculates too soon or delayed ejaculation but not at the right time. 
  • Psychological or Physical issues make sex difficult for you.
  • Loss of Sex Drive-In which a person has no desire to do intercourse.

How Much Does Sexologist Cost in Dubai?

Psychosexual Therapy in Dubai does not have a particular fixed cost. As mentioned earlier, there are several intercourse issues a sexologist has to deal with, so each cost varies from problem to problem and treatment to treatment. A patient is informed about everything in consultation, and the price will be decided depending on the following aspects:

  • The diagnosed problem.
  • A customized treatment plan for each patient.
  • Sexologist’s Expertise and the fee.
  • Sexologist’s location and the Clinical Facilities.  

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