How Much Does It Cost to See a Gynecologist in Dubai

A gynecologist is not just a specialist but rather like a personal care provider who is readily available to listen to all your problems and ailments. The female reproductive system goes through a lot both during the child bearing years and after it. It is very important for a gynecologist to be very friendly and listen to the woman’s problem with patience. You will be delighted to know that our clinic has the best gynecologist in Dubai and all our treated patients have given excellent feedback for every gynecologist. 

Who Are Gynecologists ?

A Gynecologist is a specialist responsible to deal with the problems that are associated with the female reproductive organs. They are bound to deal with all the diseases that occur in the reproductive system. They can either provide you with therapeutic aid or can perform surgical interventions whenever required. 

What Are The Problems That Gynecologists Can Deal With? 

 There are multiple diseases and problems gynecologist is bound to deal with and the highly highlighted ones and the most reported cases in our clinic are as follows: 

Prenatal, Antenatal and Postnatal Care  Services:

The best gynecologist is the one who is an expert in dealing with women with pregnancy, their related issues and the proper routine check up which is required. The gynecologist will look after the ultrasounds, Lab reports and will make sure that the pregnancy is going smoothly. If you have a complicated Pregnancy then your case will be taken differently. You will also be looked after for your delivery by the gynecologist to check whether your postpartum period is going smoothly or not if your body presents with any post delivery complications. 

Ectopic Pregnancies: 

Ectopic pregnancy is becoming very common in Dubai nowadays. And it is one of the very complicated cases. Only a best gynecologist can be able to treat it because in this case the fertilized egg is implanted into the fallopian tube rather than the uterus which is very prone to rupture. We have a specialized team of obstetrician and gynecologists in our clinic who can perform the removal of  ectopic pregnancy through surgical interventions. 


Vaginal infections, fibroids, infections in the uterus etc. Are better treated when they are reported at an early stage. If you experience any fever, irregular bleeding then it is better to report to the gynecologist soon before it’s too late. 

Tumors and cancers:

In the past years there has been a massive incidence of tumors and cancers in the female reproductive system specially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The reason is unclear but it is because of multiple risk factors. Luckily our clinic has some top notch gynecologists that are very experienced in treating cancers and tumors  of the uterus, cervix, ovaries etc. 


PCOS (Polycyclic Ovarian Syndrome) has become so common that 8 out of every 10 women are suffering from it. It is irrespective of age and now it is mostly affecting young females. The most problematic symptom of pcos is irregular menstrual cycle and it needs to be treated accordingly. The gynecologist will provide you with certain medications that are essential to be taken while suffering from PCOS. 


According to stats and our hospital data we receive almost thousands of irregular menstruation cases on an annual basis. This shows how prevalent irregular periods have become. Gynecologists present in our clinic are very well known in dealing with problems related to menstruation. You can contact us to know the gynecologist cost in Dubai. 

Why Is It Important To Visit a Gynecologist?

If you are neglecting your body and ignoring the signs and symptoms then know that you are at a greater risk of developing unwanted diseases. It is necessary to see a gynecologist because of the following reasons:  

  • To Identify and locate diseases. 
  • to analyze whether the pregnancy is going smooth or not. 
  • To check whether the fetus is doing fine.
  •  to discuss sexual problems.
  • To regulate hormonal imbalances.
  • For the treatment of existing reproductive disease.
  • To take suggestions for the best contraceptive methods.
  • To discuss family planning and birth control.

What Is The Cost Of a Gynecologist in Dubai?

Gynecologists charge a lot in Dubai because of their high skills and increased  demand. However, our clinic has the cheapest gynecologist in Dubai and their cost roughly starts from 500 AED. The price is not fixed and it may vary according to patient soituation and treatment.

The Final Verdict:

Never ignore any unusual changes in your reproductive system. it is the way of your body giving you signals about something faulty. It is always better to report to the best gynecologist in Dubai, UAE before it’s too late. This way you can limit yourself from falling into a bigger problem.