How Much Does it Cost to See a Dentist in Dubai | Dentist Packages

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Dubai at Affordable Costs:

An attractive smile is a struggle if one has crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and broken teeth. It also becomes hard to smile if you have uneven teeth that are not white. People opt for many treatments for such concerns, but regrettably, people do not visit dental clinics as they seem expensive.

Although you can have your dental concerns treated at any Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in Dubai, if you want to achieve a smile you have been thriving for at minimal cost, then Dynamic Clinic Dubai is your best choice. We provide the best cosmetic dentistry services to facilitate the people living in UAE.  

Read the article below to get familiar with how much it costs to See a Dentist in Dubai.

Dentist Dubai Price List:

We are offering a cost that will blow your mind. Our dental procedure prices are comparatively lower than the other dental clinics near you. The price list is mentioned below:

Dental Treatments Cost AED
Digital Smile Design 500
Dental Veneers 300 per tooth
Porcelain Dental Veneers 999 per 6 teeth
Emax Veneers 1400 per unit
Composite Veneers 20 teeth 6000
Gum Contouring | Gummy Smile Treatment 700 per arch
Gum Bleeding Treatment 300
Gum Depigmentation 1000 per arch
Ceramic Crowns 2,500
Zirconia Crown 1,500
Smile Makeover 350 per tooth
Teeth Straightening Alignment 5000
Overlapping Teeth 5000
Dental Bonding Cementing 300
Gummy Smile Treatment 350
Protruded Teeth 5000
Gingivectomy Surgery 1,300
Non-Prep Veneers 350 per tooth
Dental Stain Removal 150
Dental Crowns 700
Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening 350
Teeth Scaling and Polishing Starts from 250

Factors related to Cost:

These costs are affected by the Dentist/Orthodontists fee, location of the clinic, procedural techniques, sessions of the procedure, combination procedural techniques, use of anesthesia (if any), and most important condition of the patient’s dentures.

Insurance Claim for Dental Procedure:

Aesthetic operations, including stain removal, teeth shape, veneers, and gum contouring, are typically not reimbursed by dentistry insurance. Because these procedures are purely cosmetic, services aren’t medically indicated and must be paid for entirely by the patient. Rest assured, you need to consider asking your healthcare insurance company whether they cover dental procedures or not.

Why Dynamic Clinic Dubai?

If you are looking for precision, accuracy, and guaranteed outcomes, then choose us as we are for sure the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics in Dubai. We offer not only a minimal cost range of the procedures but also prioritize your health and beauty. Our clinic’s motto is to provide the desired smile, gum hygiene, and strong dentures to bring out the appearance you always wanted. You can have your desired outcomes with minimal discomfort with us. 


Arrange a free consultation for further information on how much it costs to See a Dentist in Dubai. We surely take care of your dental concerns with precaution and full attention.