dental tooth calculus cost in dubai

When we encounter some stranger, the first thing we are likely to observe is their smile. We place great importance in the way that our teeth look. Therefore, everybody wants a generous smile. However, to attain such a smile, our teeth have to look well-maintained and free of substances that give them an untidy look. This untidy appearance usually comes with the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky yellowish coating formed over the teeth and if it hardens, because of not brushing enough, it is called tartar or calculus. Tartar usually does not come off through brushing; therefore, it becomes essential to get a dental calculus treatment. This blog is targeted on providing information regarding dental calculus, while also mentioning dental tooth calculus cost in Dubai.

Facts About Calculus

Calculus is the hardened form of plaque that does not only affect your appearance but is also responsible for damaging teeth in the long run. The accumulation of calculus over the teeth renders your breath bad as well. Since it does not easily come off with home remedies, teeth calculus should be removed through the help of your orthodontist. Calculus has the ability to spread over other teeth causing you to lose teeth. In Dubai, at Dynamic Clinic, you can get dental tooth calculus treatment easily at an affordable price.

Is It Necessary to Get Calculus Removed?

Yes, you need to get calculus removed because if left untreated, this has the potential to worsen the situation by developing a gum disease called gingivitis. This disease directly damages the gums and weakens them. To summarize, untreated calculus will cause tooth decay, tooth loss, or development of gum diseases. Therefore, you have all the reasons, both aesthetic and medical, to get calculus removed from your teeth.

If you are an inhabitant of Dubai, Dynamic Clinic will help you in getting calculus removal treatment in Dubai easily.

Treatment of Calculus Removal

As mentioned above, calculus cannot be removed through brushing or home remedies. This suggests that you will need the help of your dentist. Your dentist will perform an in-office treatment professionally to remove anything bacterial in nature or the calculus itself. Calculus is removed through the popularly known procedure of scaling.

What is scaling and Root planning

This is a deep cleaning procedure which prevents tartar buildup over the gums and teeth. This also eliminates the possibility of bacterial infections. Scaling is done to remove the hardened plaque off of the teeth. During the manual scaling, calculus is removed manually while when an ultrasonic device is used, scaling is done by throwing strong water pressure to remove calculus present deeply inside the teeth. The ultrasonic device also beams vibrations that help the hardened tartar. After this, the process of root planning occurs. In planning, again ultrasonic device is employed to smooth out the root surfaces, thereby giving a clean outlook. Mostly, for optimal results, your dentist will inform you about the number of sessions that will be required.

Dental Tooth Calculus Price in Dubai

Dubai is a hub for many departments, orthodontics being one. This is why, in Dubai, you will find many avenues for getting your teeth free of calculus. The price of dental tooth Calculus in Dubai is not something fixed. It will depend mainly on the fee your orthodontist charges you. It will also depend on the number of sessions that will be required for your deep teeth cleaning. However, at Dynamic Clinic, dentists can remove dental tooth calculus through the help of scaling and root planning at the cost of AED 580. In addition to this, you can get deep scaling at our clinic in Dubai at around AED 600.

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