dental amalgam removal cost in Dubai

There is nothing better than a pair of healthy teeth. Those who have gone through toothaches can confirm the agony of having a hurting tooth. In order to save yourself from discomfort, you need to be careful with what you acquaint your teeth with. Previously, one of the materials extensively used in making dental fillings was an amalgam. However, this substance is considered hazardous for teeth and, therefore, its use is strictly impermissible in orthodontics anymore. Consequently, people are going through the procedure of dental amalgam removal. This blog will provide you with information regarding amalgam removal’s cost and the factors that can influence it.

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you can opt for dental amalgam removal treatment as we have advanced safety technology for this purpose.

What Is Dental Amalgam?

Amalgam basically employs metals such as mercury or silver that can be harmful, especially when they pass onto your lungs or other organs. A metal present inside your gums becomes harmful when hot liquids pass over it or even while chewing normally. Therefore, it becomes almost a necessity to get them removed. Dental amalgam removal is a procedure that is targeted at getting it removed. The hazards of amalgam include affecting your hearing abilities, weakening your immune system, or in worse cases, amalgam can cause paralysis.

How is Dental Amalgam Removed?

Dental amalgam is drilled into your cavity. Therefore, in order to get it removed from your teeth, there is an extensive process that will include:

  •         We ensure that the procedure is carried out safely. You will be made to put glasses on for the protection of your eyes.
  •         Through a nasal cannula, you will be made to inhale pure oxygen. Your dentist will do this to ensure you have minimum contact with mercury. Your nose will also be covered to prevent mercury from entering your lungs. Likewise, a rubber dam is placed inside your mouth so that mercury vapors cannot enter the air and ingestion passage and affect the lungs or stomach.
  •         In order to prevent mercury particles from getting absorbed in your system, some amount of activated charcoal is powered which protects the internal lining.
  •         After ensuring the safety of the individual, the dentist will employ a high-speed suction device and bring it closer to the filling. This device aims at emptying your teeth of any poisonous material. This step prepares the teeth for the next procedure which is drilling the filling out.
  •         The last step of this procedure includes drilling the harmful material out of the teeth cavity. This procedure is crucial as the silver filling is carefully taken out. At this step, you completely get rid of amalgam.
  •         Once amalgam has been drilled out, your mouth is cleaned through charcoal for the last time to ensure that nothing of silver or mercury is left in your mouth.
  •         After the amalgam has been completely removed, your cavity will be filled with some other material that is safe from all hazards.

Benefits of Dental Amalgam Removal:

Removal of dental amalgam only has benefits and almost no risks:

  •         You have been saved from any hazard that was posed by amalgam.
  •         Oral health is going to remain safe.
  •         The new filling material is not only safe but also naturally appearing and harm-free.

Cost of Dental Amalgam Removal

Dental amalgam removal costs in Dubai will be determined as per consultation. There are many factors that will affect the cost of this procedure. Therefore, the answer to cost can only be given after a proper, extensive examination has been carried out. A fixed price cannot be given because it depends on the following factors:

  •         The complexity of your filling.
  •         The size of your filling.
  •         The number of fillings you have.
  •         The area in which your mercury filling is located.
  •         The orthodontist you have chosen and what they charge.
  •         The clinic you have chosen.

If the mercury filling has affected the neighboring teeth, the cost can increase incredibly. Similarly, if the amalgam filling is leaking, the cost will be different. If you want to treat a tooth that has a normal mercury filling, you may not be priced much. These factors are usually taken under consideration when a patient wants to get amalgam removed. 

Before you decide on getting an amalgam filling removed, you will have to go through a thorough examination and then the price of dental amalgam removal can be known. 

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