How much does Glutathione Cost in Dubai?

Key Considerations:

  • Dr. Mahmoud Akrama is a specialist in this treatment, ensuring you receive the best possible results.
  • Glutathione Injections range from 349 AED to 999 AED, making it an accessible treatment for many.
  • This is a cosmetic treatment designed to improve your appearance.
  • While results may take some time to become noticeable, you’ll gradually see the desired effects.
  • There is no downtime for this procedure.
  • Some appointments will be needed to maintain the achieved results.

This blog will guide you about the glutathione injections and How much does Glutathione Cost in Dubai. The updated price at our clinic starts from 349 AED and goes up to 999 AED. This cost includes the surgeon’s fees and the number of injections needed for a single session. Furthermore, when you visit our clinic or book an appointment we will thoroughly monitor your conditions and personalize the treatment plan just for you. 

If you want to learn more about price you can continue reading this blog or chat with us right now for the individual price that is required for your treatment needs accordingly. Interesting.

How much does Glutathione Cost in Dubai?

The starting price at our clinic for glutathione injections is 349 AED. This price can increase and go up to 999 AED per session depending on the needs of treatment according to each individual. The table below explains the price factors in detail:

FactorPrice Range
Treatment Type:
  • Single Injection
349 – 999 AED
  • IV Drip
Likely Higher than Injection (price may vary)
Concentration & BrandHigher concentration & specific brands may cost more
Number of SessionsPrice typically reduces per session in packages

Cost Breakdown:

Initial Session:

Expect prices to start around 349 AED per injection. This price can vary depending on several factors:

    • Doctor Experience.
    • Required Injections.
    • Use of IV drip.
    • Treatment Area.

Available Deals:

Our clinic offers package deals to help you save money! These packages provide a discounted price per unit compared to individual sessions.

  • When you choose multiple sessions you will get a package deal.
  • We offer packages with varying numbers of sessions at a discounted rate per session compared to individual bookings.

Specialist Fee:

A separate fee covers your initial consultation with a qualified doctor who will:

  • Discuss your skin concerns.
  • Examine your skin.
  • Create a personalized treatment plan.
  • Answer any questions.


A consultation is required for your personalized quote (injections sold separately). Schedule yours today to discuss your goals.

Is Glutathione Right for You?

You can get a more precise answer to this question when you visit our clinic because each individual has unique skin problems. Still, a thorough view of who are ideal candidates for glutathione is explained below:

  • Individuals experiencing:
  1. Hyperpigmentation.
  2. Poor Complexion.
  • People seeking to:
  1. Fairer Skin.
  2. Even Skin Tone.
  • Those who are:
  1. Medically Healthy.
  2. Want Early Results.

Basics of Injection:

We assure you that when you visit us you will get proper treatment according to your goals and requirements. This injectable treatment will enhance your appearance and you will achieve improved skin. A detailed view of the basics of this treatment is mentioned below:

  • What it Does: Lightens Skin 
  • Benefits: Evens Tone, Glowing Skin 
  • Expectations: Gradual Results 
  • Outcomes: Brighter Complexion 
  • Treated Area: Face/Body (depending on goals)

Experience Difference at Dynamic Clinic:

At Dynamic Clinic, we believe in transparent pricing and exceptional care. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Clear Pricing: 

No hidden costs, just upfront pricing for your injectable treatments.

  • Flexible Payment Options: 

We offer financing plans and accept insurance to make treatment accessible.

  • Rewarding Loyalty: 

Earn loyalty points for future treatments.

  • Personalized Care: 

Our experienced team provides a personalized approach to ensure optimal results.

  • Commitment to Your Well-being: 

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Absolutely! Your consultation is the perfect time to confirm the final cost based on your individual needs and ask about any additional fees that might be included.

This procedure typically doesn't require additional follow-up appointments. However, we offer complimentary follow-up consultations to address any concerns you might have after the treatment (Terms & Conditions apply).

We often offer packages with discounted prices on multiple sessions. The more sessions you choose, the lower the price per session might be (Terms & Conditions apply).

Yes, we do offer installment plans for treatment costs! Please call or text us for more information and to discuss your options (Terms & Conditions apply).