How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Facelift in Dubai is the most popular cosmetic procedure which improves the facial appearance and provides contoured skin to make you look younger. However, people age from 40 onwards demands this treatment to get rid of loose and saggy skin without any side effects. This cosmetic procedure is the completely safest technique when performed by experienced practitioners.

This whole process will benefit you a lot if you face embarrassments due to un-even shaped face. You can learn more about How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by booking a free appointment with us!

Aims of Facelift:

A facelift isn’t a therapy to cure your diseases but it is performed to alter your facial appearance. As time passes by, the skin will become loose and saggy because of fat deposits. The major goals of this procedure include:

  1. Tightening face
  2. Removing excess skin
  3. Contoured jaw-line

Facelift Techniques:

A facelift can be performed through both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The surgeons can suggest you better treatment option depending upon your facial condition. People who suffer from extreme saggy skin usually requires invasive practice for effective results. The two main practices include:

1. Surgical Facelift:

A surgical facelift is the most popular approach. In this procedure, surgeons will make an incision under your chin to alter the facial tissues by tightening them. As a result of this procedure, your jawline becomes prominent and more contoured however, sometimes more than one session is required to achieve desired results.

2. Non-Surgical Facelift:

In this technique, surgeons use different injectable fillers i.e. dermal, body, etc. to enrich your facial look. However, the results attained from this procedure aren’t effective as compared to surgical ones. Although this practice is commonly performed to get rid of wrinkles but some individuals prefer this treatment for face lifting too.

Results & Benefits:

The results come after getting this treatment are natural-looking and attractive, your face will become tightened and contoured. However, you can feel bruising or swelling on the treatment area for 3-4 days which is normal and you will start noticing the improvement in your facial appearance once the swelling is diminished. Although, these results can be maintained for a long time if you continue to follow a healthy diet and facial exercises prescribed by your doctor. It adds a lot of comforts in your life, some common ones include:

  1. You face will become more attractive and contoured
  2. Natural-looking outcomes
  3. Loose skin is discarded
  4. Results can be attained for long-period
  5. Jaw-line will become prominent
  6. No long-recovery procedures
  7. Your self-confidence will be boosted & You will look younger
  8. The scars are under the chin, cannot be seen clearly and will fade away with time

How Much Facelift Cost in Dubai?

The cost of facelift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi varies individually. However, you can get leading facelift surgeries at Dynamic Clinic from highly-experienced practitioners at affordable rates. There are different factors on which cost depends:

1. Face Condition:

Every patient has different face conditions i.e. extreme loose and saggy skin because of their growing age. Such patients will have to pay different as compared to normal ones. In some cases, patients also require pre-treatment sessions to get desired results.

2. Clinician’s Expertise

The cost usually depends upon the expertise of practitioners because highly-experienced consultants cost different as compared to others. Facelift surgery requires much care, so it must be performed from a professional surgeon to avoid complications.

3. Number of Sessions you Take:

The number of sessions are suggested by your clinician depending upon the skin condition. Extreme excess skin cannot be removed within one sitting, it requires more than one session to get rid of this issue completely.

4. Location of Clinic:

Every clinic cost different depending upon their market price, reputation, and experience of practitioners. People usually decide clinic location on their ease and affordability

 What is Expected After Treatment?

Once you’re done with the How Much Does a Facelift Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you can notice improvement and a complete recovery procedure can take up to two-weeks. However, people usually feel swelling and discomfort for some days which will go away. During the second week of the surgery, bandages and stitches are removed and you will feel better. In the third week, you can notice progress in your face without any swelling or bruising and your face will look attractive and younger. However, some major guidelines must be followed by every patient to speed up the healing process:

  1. Avoid smoking
  2. Stop the intake of alcohol and other drugs
  3. Avoid bending your neck
  4. Escape sun exposure for a few weeks
  5. Don’t apply cosmetics on your treatment area for one-week
  6. Avoid rubbing or touching your face for 2-3 days

Why Choose us!

Facelift surgery tends to make your overall look attractive and more contoured. We provide highly-experienced surgeons who deliver the best services for the patient’s comfort. So if you want to enhance your looks through facelift you can feel free to consult Dynamic clinic to consider Facelift Cost/Price.