How Much Do Removable Appliances Cost In Dubai Removable Appliances

What are Removable Appliances?

Misaligned, unappealing teeth? Removable dental appliances are an option. As the name implies, removable prostheses can be placed in and withdrawn from the mouth at any moment, allowing you to correct your teeth without any feelings of social embarrassment. It is also worth noting that removable appliances in Dubai are far cheaper than permanent appliances.

What are Removable Appliances Used For?

Removable appliances are simple to construct and use labial bows, screws, springs, and elastics to modify jaws. When installed correctly, they can help you treat overbite and enhance your periodontal care. 

Removable Appliances Cost:

So, how much do removable appliances cost in Dubai, and what elements can influence the price tag. Continue to read.

General Cost:

The price range for removable appliances in Dubai is estimated to be AED 3,000 to AED 15,000. However, the actual quotation depends on the condition of the patient’s teeth, the services supplied to him, and the installation fees.

Major Cost-determinants:

The price of removable appliances varies from patient to patient and even from practitioner to practitioner in the same profession. Here are a few key factors that can influence the final price:

Clinic’s Location:

A corporation in a major metropolitan area or urban center is likely to have high costs due to the expensive real estate business and other overheads. Similarly, a practice in a small town in the interior may be able to provide much lower prices. This will apply to the vast majority of available dental services, including removable appliances.

Fees of the Dentist:

Teeth straightening is a delicate treatment and must be performed by a licensed dental professional only. However, the amount charged by each doctor may differ. Remember, this factor is frequently regarded as secondary when it comes to receiving the finest dental care.

Type of Appliance:

Mouthguards, dentures, retainers, and headgears are some of the popular removable devices that dentists recommend to patients for teeth straightening. Depending on the system you select, the cost can significantly fluctuate. Headgear, for example, is far more expensive than mouthguards. 

*for a more accurate cost of removable appliances in Dubai, please schedule your appointment with one of our dental specialists. 

Length of the Treatment:

Patients have to wear removable devices for an extended period, say six to eight months, in some circumstances. Consequently, the cost can vary substantially according to the length of the program.

The Best Orthodontic Treatment in Dubai:

Dr. Michel Bou Chaaya is a highly trained and experienced orthodontist specializing in teeth straightening techniques. He communicates with the patient at all times to keep him informed throughout the procedure. During the initial appointment, he also goes through the cost in more detail. People in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can have removable and fixed appliances and other orthodontic operations at their practice.

Monthly Installment Plans:

In Dubai, some clinics provide flexible payment arrangements to cover for dental appliances. Dynamic clinic is one of them. Any patient can use our payment plan to pay a part or entire cost of the procedure in monthly installments. Nevertheless, the exact coverage will be decided by the orthodontist.

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