How Many Sessions Does it Take to Remove Tattoo

The excitement of tattoo is temporary maybe. Tattoo artists complete tattoos in one sitting. But their removal can’t be done in the same way. The reversing of tattoos is delicate process claims of expert’s skills and therefore consistency towards post sessions. So How Many Sessions Does it Take to Remove Tattoo in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? 

Whatever the reason you are reconsidering your decision, we can help on all terms.

How Does Laser Remove a Tattoo?

Most of us think, the laser just fades the tattoo ink but that’s not just a solid case. It’s a little more complicated. The ink used in tattoos is particularly excreted out of the body with the natural lymphatic system. Through urine, sweat, or fecal anything.

In simple words, the laser just breaks the tattoo ink which is then absorbed by the body and further flushes out with the natural draining system.

How Many Laser Sessions Are Required?

The process of Laser Tattoo Removal is lengthy. In general, 4-10 sessions are required to remove the complete tattoo. Big and intensely colored tattoos may need more than 10 sittings. To ensure proper healing each session is spaced 5-7 weeks apart which typically makes the entire course overlong.

Be aware: The time and number of sessions required to depend upon the size of the tattoo and design. Smaller tattoos may need a few sessions, but larger ones will require more, particularly if they are colored.


Despite being into the concerns of tattoo sizes, a lot of other factors also contribute towards a total number of sessions. It might be deepening upon the patient’s metabolism of perhaps the type of laser treatments. Below are some common ones you can expect.

  1. Patient’s health
  2. The ink used
  3. Age of tattoo
  4. Type of laser

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Lasers are painless, still, recovery can be painful at times. As long as the effects of anesthesia last you will be in your comfort zone else there would be discomfort. You can compare this feeling with sunburn or perhaps slight scabbing.

Strictly follow the aftercare instructions given by our doctors. Let your skin heal smoothly before you receive another session.

How Long Does it Take to See the Results?

Most people start to notice the ink fading after the first two appointments. Give it time till 5-8 weeks before you perceive a comparable difference in your tattoo.

Keep showing patience for the best results. 


Well, you can absolutely look towards technology to eliminate your Tattoo. This way, Lasers could be the best solution compared to ruptured home procedures and invasive treatments that can leave behind your skin with scarring and pigmentation.

The world of technology has worked up so intensely that you can now expect a prominent decrease in tattoo appearance just with 6-8 sessions. Larger, rigid tattoos require more sittings. All we can do is recommend a consultation.

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