How Many Glutathione Injections Do You Need to See Results UAE

We live in a place where lighter skin color is often considered more desirable and indicates higher social status. While the high temperature of Dubai is the most basic cause behind dark skin tone.

Since many skin whitening ways are present but whitening injections (Glutathione) are indeed the most reliable. They are composed of natural ingredients. And not as risky as myths revolving around. Still, there’s a lot you don’t know. Probably it’s not a good idea to opt for something when you don’t know about it all. So, the query: How Many Glutathione Injections Do You Need to See Results in Dubai? Our most talked about? Read ahead to seek proper guidance in this regard.

What Actually is Glutathione?

Glutathione injections in Dubai are a natural antioxidant produced by the liver. Its enough quantity in the body is truly important for a strong healthy immune system. You can get this in fruits, vegetables, and meat. While growing age results in the lack of glutathione production. This way it needs to be filled. Regardless of ordinary glutathione supplements, an injection would be the best way to increase the glutathione levels.

One unique thing about this injection is that it regenerates vitamins and helps the liver to deal with fats. Plus, it also prevents cancer progression. You can get this skin whitening injection after some prior evaluation. Though our initial consultation is compulsory and free for all.

How Many Injections are Required to See Results?

Doctors mostly recommend the dose of 600-1200 mg twice a week. For proper skin lightening, you need to repeat this injection every time your doctor recommends it. While the duration for which it should be continued is not specified. As long as you go for frequent injections you can enjoy the perks of the most beautiful skin. But remember, there must be a specific gap between the two sessions.

Besides, every person is unique having different skin tones so injection quantity differs for each individual. Though the session estimate we mentioned here is general. Speak directly to our skin-care experts so they can figure out the number of sittings in your case.

After How Long I Can See the Results?

While the effect of glutathione isn’t instant, also not much gradual. You can expect to notice an improvement in skin after three weeks.

How many glutathione injections do you need to see results in Dubai? – Briefly, 8-10 injections– over a period of some time. But don’t rush for results. Skin-tone matters a lot in it. For light or medium skin tones, 1-3 months, for brown skin tone 3-6 months, and dark skin wait for 6-12 months. In this period, frequent injection doses are severely required.


Glutathione is basically an IV drip. Its side effects are not reported as severe as the myths revolving around. Other than normal bruising, mild pain, you might experience headache or mild diarrhea which is not an extreme case. You can consult with our experts for treating such problems. Though there is no clear-cut evidence present that proves the certainty of these conditions after glutathione. Still, it’s pretty better to have some awareness regarding the procedure you are about to try.


Since it’s just an injectable procedure, there is no specific aftercare. This injection can cause bruising, swelling but this is merely temporary. Try using ice packs for it.

Once the needle is removed you can easily continue daily routine activities but in case if there is any pain or discomfort, seek the proper guidance from our doctors.

In Conclusion:

Glutathione is being used internationally for darker skin tones. Its specified doses can bless you with the most beautiful skin color. This can minimize the need for make-up and you will love your natural skin. Since you are supposed to get series of glutathione injections but that doesn’t mean they are doomed for a lifetime. After a few months, you will get enough of it. -Though, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can expect to enjoy the glutathione results for a lifetime.

I hope you find this blog beneficial in finding: How Many Glutathione Injections Do You Need to See Results in Dubai? Still, for further queries, contact our consultants.