hydra Facial offers in dubai

Are you trying to uncover the ideal method for rejuvenating your skin? Are you sick and exhausted from testing to unclog your skin pores? Everyone wants to appear their best and keep their skin healthy, youthful, and glowing. And we try multiple expensive cosmetics. But after our best efforts, everyday skincare regimens don’t always effectively remove the impacts of the sun, wind, and pollutants from the environment. On the other hand, aging factors also disturb our skin’s appearance, but here we have a solution to your problem: a thorough cleansing facial, like HydraFacial in Dubai, which guarantees that your facial will delicately purify and revitalize your skin.

The Aim of the Procedure:

It is a non-invasive Skincare procedure that is regarded as a secure and reliable acne treatment. Utilizing advanced technology, it clears your skin while minimizing hyperpigmentation and scarring. It offers a long-lasting remedy for skin impurities. In this process, the skin is washed, exfoliated, and infused with potent serums using the hydra dermabrasion equipment. It gives the skin a youthful appearance and eliminates age symptoms. This treatment can make your skin flawless and youthful by removing polluted dirt from your skin. As we age, our skin becomes less attractive and loose, but this treatment boosts collagen formation in our skin by utilizing the advanced facial machine.

Logetivity of the Procedure:

This process takes nearly 45 minutes to complete; it depends on the condition of your skin; if your skin is in very bad condition, it will take more time, and the results will appear in three days; if your skin is less contaminated, it will take much less time. This sort of treatment is quite rapid and efficient when compared to other kinds. Because they don’t have to worry about fitting a lot of time into their already hectic schedules, it is ideal for regularly busy applicants.


It is a non-invasive skin resurfacing technique that performs purification, peeling, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection simultaneously. These therapies are painless and have an appealing appearance. It carries out the following five actions:


With a little instrument and a mineral solution, the specialist cleans the skin’s surface to begin the procedure. The top dead skin cells are removed using this tool, which also opens the pores. The washing process removes all the impurities from the skin.


In the second step of the procedure, the expert will apply the mixture by utilizing the exfoliating serum, which contains a great combination of chemical exfoliators. Different vitamins enrich substance work together to provide a bland Chemical Peel. Through the removal of more dead skin cells, this technique cleanses the pores and eliminates bacteria that cause acne and blackheads from the skin.


It is the only facial treatment that makes use of patented technology to deeply cleanse pores and eliminate impurities while providing essential nutrients to hydrate and save the skin. The skin resurfaces and pores are closed in this step. This method aids in uniformly cleansing, exfoliating, and extracting contaminants without harming the skin. By eliminating dead skin cells, blackheads, and other impurities, it functions like a vacuum cleaner.


This flexible facial procedure can be modified to safely and efficiently address your unique aesthetic problems. In this step, the expert utilizes vortex-fusion technology to draw blackheads and other pollutants out of clogged areas of the skin. This is achieved utilizing a mix of suction and a sophisticated serum containing natural honey extract and salicylic acid, unlike conventional hand extraction techniques, which harm, redden, or bruise the skin.


The purpose of the extraction process is to provide a special serum that will be applied to your skin for a personalized result. In this step, a vital component-rich solution is infused into the upper epidermis using the Vortex device to improve suppleness and hydration. The serum provides freshly cleansed skin with a silky, luminous, and nourished appearance. Strong antioxidants, peptides, multi-peptide, and abundantly moisturizing hyaluronic acid are present in this solution to protect the skin from UV rays, microorganisms, and environmental pollutants.


To diminish skin redness and further encourage the creation of collagen, which provides skin with greater flexibility and plumpness, red and infrared LED light is employed in the last step of the procedure. The red and infrared lights also aid in the body’s normal production of vitamin D, giving you radiant skin without the risks and harm associated with exposure to sunlight.


All skin types can benefit from this cosmetic treatment, which also resolves a variety of skin conditions. Some notable benefits include the following:

  • It lessens the impression of creases.
  • It nourish the skin through moisturizer.
  • It intensely washes and exfoliates the skin.
  • It minimizes the presence of acne.
  • It eliminates skin blemishes.
  • The skin is strengthened by nutrients and minerals.
  • This procedure brightens the skin complexion.
  • It is effective in achieving a radiant complexion.
  • This process aids in bacterial pathogen elimination.
  • It is helpful for hyperpigmentation elimination.
  • The expanded pores are sealed off.
  • It provides new, healthy skin.
  • It removes the sun’s effects.
  • It lessens the visibility of brown spots.
  • It removes the dark circle.
  • It boosts collagen formation.


The Cost of the Hydrafacial in Dubai is inexpensive and ranges from AED 399 to AED 750. The price varies for every patient because it depends on several factors, including the doctor’s experience, the clinic’s location, the expected results, and the seriousness of the condition.

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