How long does juvederm fillers last

As we grow old, our skin becomes loose and saggy and we cannot stop the aging process. All we can do is properly take care of our skin and body. Different Fillers are available to get off the facial lines and wrinkles but the majority of the skin-specialists prefer Juvederm Fillers for resolving the skin-concerns. Now a question arises that how long they last? Because every person is curious to know about the lastingness of this filler. You can read our article to get detailed information about How long does Juvederm Filler last in Dubai?

Juvederm Fillers is the liquid medication injected through a syringe to get off the aging signs, wrinkles, and fine lines from our faces. Just like any other dermal filler, Juvederm Filler is also used in making lips filler and restoring the health of the skin. However, these fillers are made from Hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the skin but due to aging, the growth of this acid slows which tends to make you look old and unattractive. So get this filler therapy and get your skin-fears fixed!

How long does Juvederm Filler last?

Juvederm Filler can last for different periods according to the patient’s concern. A lot of factors determine the lastingness of this Filler but most commonly in every patient, Juvederm filler lasts up to 1 year, which can be maintained for a lifetime by following some important instructions from your doctor.

Every person experiences differently regarding the Juvederm Filler because of their metabolic rates and skin maintenance. Patients can get another injection of Juvederm Filler when they start noticing the fading effect of the previous filler so it’s better to inject the correct medicine at right time for efficacious upshots.

Juvederm Filler comes in various formulations that can be injected on any part of the face so according to the specific acid, the lastingness can be determined. Somehow, for best results discuss your skin details and medical health with the doctor so he can inform the exact lasting period and clears doubts and complications regarding the Juvederm Fillers.

How to maintain Juvederm Fillers for a lifetime?

After undergoing the Juvederm Fillers, patients can return to their daily activities with long recovery procedures but the most important fact about this filler is the preservation. Due to poor care or maintenance, many individuals start facing inverse upshots which is the biggest problem. Every dermatologist prefers to attend the sittings frequently and to follow some guidelines correctly for long-lasting finest outcomes. Some important ones are listed:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight, hot showers, and stove heat for a few weeks after treatment because it may reverse the effect of Juvederm Filler.
  2. Don’t massage or rub the treated area.
  3. Use cold packs in case you feel some swelling or itching.
  4. Eradicate the use of makeup or any other cosmetic product for some time.
  5. Avoid smoking, drugs, or alcohol consumption.
  6. Stop doing strenuous exercises after having fillers. This raises the pulse rating and blood pressure which tends to increase the bruising.
  7. If fillers are used for lips, avoid taking the drinks through a straw right after the treatment.
  8. Stop taking Ginger, Garlic, and Vitamin E for at least two weeks after the procedure.

Is Juvederm Filler safe?

Juvederm Filler is the safest approach but like every procedure, it has also some minor side effects which can be gone after a few days of the procedure. Swelling, bruising, itching, or redness can be felt by the patient on the injected site. Somehow, serious side effects are rare in this filler technique but it’s better to discuss your medical details with the doctor so he can suggest the right prescriptions.

How much Juvederm Fillers cost?

The cost of Juvederm Filler in Dubai ranges from AED 1700 to AED 2300 per syringe. However, it would vary according to the number of sittings and patients’ concerns. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers the best Juvederm fillers at reasonable rates so feel free to visit us. The following are some important factors that help in calculating the cost of this treatment:

  1. Patients’ skin-condition.
  2. A number of sessions.
  3. Amount of Fillers used.
  4. Treatment expense.
  5. Dermatologist’s experience.
  6. Clinic reputation.

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