How Long Does Gastric Plication in Dubai Last?

Are you obese and facing trouble losing weight? Keeping in view the difficulties in weight loss now many surgeries are introduced. These surgeries help you to reduce your weight and get rid of obesity. Among them, the safest and sound surgical procedure is gastric plication. It is an effective way to reduce weight and risk other weight-related problems. It makes our bodies vulnerable to many diseases and other health risks.  People use many ways of reducing weight but they do not get satisfying and long-lasting results. Gastric Plication in Dubai is an emerging weight loss surgery that has many fruitful results. People want to know How Long Gastric Plication Last

What is Gastric Plication in Dubai?

It is also an effective weight-loss procedure that restricts the intake of calories by reducing the stomach size. This procedure is a type of bariatric surgery that does not involve the insertion of gastric bands or cutting the entire stomach. It has also had many fruitful and long-lasting results. This innovative procedure is under investigation and is not yet proved by health experts. But the good results of this procedure are making it under the proven procedure for weight loss.

How is Gastric Plication in Dubai Done?

It is entirely different from all the types of Bariatric Surgeries. This procedure is also named gastric imbrication and gastric curvature plication surgery. It is a less invasive procedure and does not involve any bypass of the stomach.  This surgery creates multiple folds in the stomach. These folds tend to reduce stomach size which also limits the intake of calories.

Your surgeon will perform this weight loss procedure under local anesthesia. It reduces the risk of pain and discomfort during the surgery. A small instrument is inserted into the stomach that creates many small folds in that cavity. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves 5-6 incisions on the abdomen. Your doctor will seal the stomach after creating many multiple folds in the stomach region. 

What Health Conditions it can Treat?

Obesity leads to many chronic and life-threatening diseases. This surgery treats all diseases and improves the quality of life. It treats severe health problems such as:

  • Cardiovascular disorders.
  • Hypertension.
  • Kidney and liver diseases.
  • Diabetes Miletus.
  • Cancer.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Joints diseases such as osteoarthritis.

How Does it Cause Weight Loss?

Actually, by the creation of multiple folds the surface area of the stomach gets reduced. You feel full after eating a little amount of food. It restricts the diet intake and you begin to lose weight. The small area of the stomach stimulates less intake of calories that ultimately helps you to lose weight. 

Aftercare of Gastric Plication in Dubai:

This surgery is a delicate procedure and requires some precautionary measures. There are some aftercare measures such as

  • You should take rest after the surgery.
  • You should limit the intake of oily and unhealthy food.
  • If you aim for effective weight loss you should limit the intake of calories.
  • You should not lift heavy weights and avoid doing vigorous exercises.
  • Eat all the medicines as prescribed by the doctor until you recover completely.
  • Avoid smoking and do not drink alcohol after the surgery.
  • Improve your sleep hours and get good sleep.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The final results regain the original shape of the sleeve but you feel some hormonal changes. The longevity of results depends upon changes in lifestyle. If you are sincere towards yourself and take less intake of carbs you will definitely lose weight. Many people opt for this surgery and they claim good results. The results are long-lasting and they can be permanent if you follow all the instructions given by your doctor properly. 

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