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The way you look, chew, and speak can all be affected by missing teeth. Leaving an empty area in your mouth after losing a tooth might cause neighbouring teeth to shift and jawbone degeneration.

Our implantologists at Dynamic Clinic  provide patients with superior stability dental implants in Dubai as a long-term alternative to lost teeth.

What Do Dental Implants Entail?

Dental implants are artificial teeth surgically implanted into your jawbone and have the appearance and function of natural teeth. A metal post and a crown are the two pieces of an implant—the titanium in the implant bonds with your jawbone, giving the roots of missing teeth substantial support.

Dental implants can be used instead of dentures or bridgework in the following situations:

Artificial teeth that look and function like natural teeth must be used to replace missing teeth.

Metal posts must be used to replace missing tooth roots.

Visit Best Dental Clinic in Dubai and Abu Dhabi if you have lost teeth or need to fix crooked teeth to restore your attractive smile. We’ll conduct a thorough examination to evaluate how much bone volume and density are present in the area of the lost tooth so that a dental implant can be placed there. If dentures aren’t working, an implant may be recommended.


A complete dental examination will be performed by a dental specialist, which will include:

  • Your medical background.
  • The quality of your jawbone will determine which type of dental implant is best for you, whether you need a single or numerous tooth replacements.
  • Over-dentures are implants that are necessary to stabilise a denture.

Treatment Options Include:

No hospitalisation is required for dental implant surgery. 

The treatment for same-day dental implants is usually performed under local anaesthetic. Your gums will be removed, and a hole in your jawbone will be drilled. The root of your tooth is replaced with an implant, which is commonly made of titanium.

When the jawbone and implant merge, healing time is required between surgeries. After that, an abutment, or connector, is affixed to the implant. On top of this abutment, the artificial tooth is mounted. This results in a permanent tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth.

As needed for your treatment, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and a periodontist and prosthodontist are accessible.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • Giving you a hard bite once more.
  • Maintaining your facial structure is essential.
  • As you confidently grin, a naturally bright and youthful smile will shine.
  • Durability: The implants will last a long time and be held in place with good stability.
  • No cavities: dental care is still required, but there will be no decay.
  • Long-lasting and safe
  • Eat and chew normally
  • Bone Resorption Reduction
  • High Rate of Success

When To Have The Treatment?

In the following circumstances, this treatment is considered. 

  • When all teeth are lost, the patient already wears dentures. 
  • Severe gum disease has caused all of the teeth to be severely mobile. 
  • The majority of the teeth are decaying and unsalvageable. 
  • The remaining teeth have previously had root canals and are suffering from recurrent abscesses resistant to antibiotics and other conventional treatments. 
  • Many existing teeth have been ground down to hold crowns and bridges in place, but the decay beneath the crowns and bridges has caused the bridges to come out. 
  • Only a few teeth remain for which a dental bridge cannot be successfully constructed. 
  • A loose or ill-fitting denture. This occurs when the jaw bone decreases due to a lack of teeth. 
  • Most teeth are extracted after a mouth cancer surgery or a severe trauma, such as a significant road traffic accident. 
  • To improve facial aesthetics, such as in the event of an incorrect jaw proportion.


A simple X-ray to CT scan may be required to determine the volume of jaw bone available to anchor implants. This allows essential structures such as nerves, blood arteries, and sinuses to be located so that they are not violated while the implants are being placed. With this assessment, the surgeon can determine the implant’s site and the number of implants used, among other things. 


Different types of dental implants procedures are discussed below:

1. Single Stage

Single-stage or immediate loading dental implants are known as Same Day full mouth dental implants.

Dental implants are inserted on the same day as the abutments, measurements are recorded, and a temporary bridge is provided in 6 hours. After a week, a permanent bridge is installed.

2. Two Stage

Procedure in two stages or delayed procedure Dental implants are completely buried behind the gums in this operation. These implants are left empty for at least three months, during which a temporary denture is provided. The implants are exposed after a three-month healing period, the implants are exposed, measurements are collected, and implant-supported bridges and crowns are produced and fitted to the implants.

3. Removable Denture With Implant Support

The denture is stabilised with 2–4 implants in this scenario. The denture is held in place by a ball abutment or a bar connected to the implants. This is a low-cost full-mouth dental implant treatment option.

4. Hybrid Dentistry With All-On-Four Implants

In this case, only four implants are used in each jaw, and a screw-retained acrylic denture is attached to the purposefully angled implant.

How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take?

A dental implant is a titanium post surgically implanted into the jawbone to serve as a tooth replacement support. Dental implants, as opposed to removable dentures or bridges, provide improved stability and functionality and do not impact nearby good teeth. Your implants will have the same strength as your natural teeth and keep your jawbones healthy. Dental implant treatment lasts for the lifetime.

Cost of Dental Implants in Dubai

Dental implants cost in Dubai can range from AED 999 to AED 7999. Treatment costs vary depending on the treatment’s intricacy, the doctor’s qualifications, and the clinic. The doctor will go through the treatment options and costs during the initial visit.


Dental implants provide you with the confidence to smile, eat, and participate in social activities since they are easy to fit and appear like your original teeth. It will not make you self-conscious about your appearance, and in some situations, such as dentures, it will fall out. Get your consultation right now!