How Long Do the Results of a Cosmelan Peel Last

Your skin tone is the most accurate depiction of your look. A more even and bright skin tone provides you with more confidence in social situations. You don’t want to draw attention to the facial skin surface with black blotches. The primary cause of skin darkening spots (melasma) is hyperpigmentation. Which is caused by an excess of melanin synthesis. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color. It is a form of melanocyte, which is darkly pigmented skin cells.

Long periods of exposure to sunlight result in an increase in melanin synthesis in the skin. High melanin levels can cause more than just an ugly melasma appearance. But they can also increase the risk of skin cancer. The good news is that the cosmetic medical sector has expanded. They have introduced non-invasive treatments. If you are curious about how long the results of a Cosmelan peel last? Then here, we will guide you through the aftermath.


Depigmentation is improved by the treatment. Because Cosmelan peel is the finest solution for treating hyperpigmentation. Because of its long-term results and great customer satisfaction. It is effective in addressing a wide range of hyperpigmentation issues. It can also cure acne scars. That forms because of the swelling associated with acne. Sunspots can shine or fade after therapy. The procedure is effective in treating melasma, or gray-brown spots on the face. Almost every skin color concern, from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation to freckles, has a beneficial treatment.


The treatment has remedial properties that make it practical and unique. It helps in providing full benefits. The treatment is appropriate for those seeking:

  • An efficient method for removing black spots from your skin.
  • Make your skin tone even brighter.
  • Improves your skin’s color, texture, tone, and firmness.
  • The event aids in the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, and text difficulties.

Your skin will sparkle and appear brand new! This fundamental depigmentation procedure works well on both light and dark skin tones, producing satisfactory results for all skin tones.

Benefits of Cosmelan Peel:

The treatment is effective in reducing melanin overproduction by 95%. It also results in a more even and luminous complexion. This treatment involves more than one session. Most people experience substantial depigmentation of dark areas after one session. Let’s take a quick look at the major advantages of the procedure:

  • There was a dramatic reduction in the black areas.
  • Skin that is whiter and brighter.
  • A more even skin tone.
  • Melanin overproduction is inhibited after treatment.
  • The treatment enhances collagen production.


 If you want to get more benefits, then follow the experts’ guide. Most doctors give very few guidelines before the procedure:

  • The week before treatment, avoid waxing or threading at the treatment location.
  • A month before therapy, stop drinking and smoking.
  • Avoid using sunscreen 7–14 days before therapy because it can make anxiety worse.
  • Do not use it for other cosmetic treatments.
  • Avoid sun exposure.

Procedure of Cosmelan Peel:

The treatment is non-invasive and painless. The following are the steps for this miraculous cure:

  • The first thing our professionals will do is consult with the client.
  • This treatment must be administered under the guidance of a doctor.
  • Step 1 of the procedure involves cleansing your face.
  • And then applying the mask.
  • The professional will leave the mask on your face for eight to ten hours.
  • Then the expert will remove it with a mild detergent or just water.

Recovery and Aftercare:

 For a faster recovery, the expert will assist you with postoperative care. Applicants must follow the following guidelines:

  • You will experience redness, swelling, peeling, and minor inflammation.
  • This is a part of the healing method.
  • Stop wearing cosmetics for 7–10 days following the treatment.
  • Your skin will be sunburned, and discolored, and, in most cases, will stop flaking.
  • Because the optimum effects are shown after roughly 4-5 weeks.
  • Six weeks after the initial, retouching is performed.
  • You must be alert, practice regular skincare, and apply SPF.

Along with the operation, the doctor will prescribe a home skincare package. To achieve effective results. The specified skincare methods must be used on a regular basis.

Cost of Cosmelan Peel:

The Cost of Cosmelan Peel in Dubai is very inexpensive. It ranges from AED 999 to AED 3,500. The price is determined by many elements. And it may change depending on these factors. The procedure is less expensive without the home care kit and more expensive with it.

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