How Long Do Silicone Implants Last In Dubai | Breast Implants Enlargement

Breast implants are famous among females who desire to look beautiful by growing their breast size. Implants also maintain the softness and firmness of the breast giving them a natural image. Breast implants are performed via two procedures: saline implants and silicone implants. Both implant techniques provide the same desired outcomes but most individuals opt for silicone implants for this purpose. 

These types of implants are filled with silicone gel that gives out the image of human fat. This implant procedure, compared with other augmentation and reconstruction treatment plans, is the best choice as they have fewer complication factors. They are available in a diversity of sizes and shapes and are commonly referred to as “gummy bear” implants. Unfortunately, even now people still get confused about the procedure’s lasting effects. 

If you are one of these people who desire to know How Long Do Silicone Implants Last in Dubai? Read the briefing below. 

Favourable and Unfavourable Factors of Silicone Implants:


Technology Advancement not only benefits in making life easy but also promotes beautiful outlooks. Silicon implants as a modern technique for augmentation and reconstruction possess favourable factors which are: 

  • Provides a firm texture.
  • Elevates the breast.
  • Safer.
  • Last-longer.


Regardless of favourable outcomes this procedure also has some minor unfavourable factors which are:

  • Distorts the shape of capsular contracture.
  • Pains in Breast.
  • Might cause infection.
  • Temporarily changes the nipples.
  • Risk Leak or Rupture.

Can You Have Silicone Implants?

Silicone Implants are mostly opted for by women aged 22 and older as augmentation (enlarging breast treatment). In a few cases, people opt for this to reconstruct the breast appearance. By undergoing this procedure women feel more comfortable and beautiful. Furthermore, you ensure that:

  • You have suitable health (mental and physical both).
  • You don’t smoke.
  • You don’t consume alcohol excessively.

 Outcomes of Silicone Implants:

Silicone Implants give out a more natural appearance than slain implants. Even though there are some risk factors involved, still this implant ensures the desired outcome you thrive for. 

What is the Price of the Implant Procedure?

When you consider getting silicone implants for augmentation or reconstruction purposes your first thought is regarding the prices. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai ensures not just safe procedures but also understands the price concerns. On average implants start from 25,000 AED

Note: The price of implants can be discussed with the surgeon during consultation.

Possible Complications:

A few complications are linked with Silicone Implants which include:-

  • The device may fail.
  • You might not be pleased with the outcomes.
  • The breast shape might be asymmetrical.
  • Might sense inflammation.
  • Infections.
  • Deflation.

Procedure Average Duration:

Silicone Implants are considered to be one of the outstanding procedures of augmentation and reconstruction of the breast. Being a popular procedure technique people still acquire How Long Do Silicone Implants Last in Dubai? They ought to last longer but unfavourably, they won’t last a lifetime. This implant lasts almost 10 to 20 years. In a few cases, implants are removed in 8 to 10 year duration time due to experiencing complications. 

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai for Silicone Implants:

Silicon implants are one of the best treatment plans if you desire to change the outlook of your breast. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai understands all the concerning views of its patients and provides the quality services they have been thriving for. We have qualified surgeons who focus on improving the aesthetic appearance by performing silicon implantation via modern techniques. 

Schedule Free Consultation Today:

If you have already considered silicon implants, and desire a guaranteed outcome, in a professional environment then schedule your free consultation with our best surgeon or book your appointments for an amazing experience. We promise you the desired end results you are looking for.