How Is Sculptra Different From Other Facial Fillers

What are fillers?

Few years back there were only surgical anti-aging solutions but today several non-surgical options are also obtainable. Cosmetic injections are the biggest trend in the cosmetic world. They come up in the market in different forms and each filler product has its specialty. Choose the right one depending upon your desired results.

Sculptra fillers:

Get Sculptra fillers and revolutionize your life. Sculptra filler is an FDA approved injectable designed to stimulate collagen production in the underlying structure of the skin. These fillers are popular all around UAE because they are affordable, safe, and involves no downtime. Unlike other fillers, Sculptra fillers do not use hyaluronic acid instead they are filled with Poly-L-lactic acid which is known as the best collagen stimulator. These fillers are very helpful for those who want to restore the facial volume without undergoing the knife. The results are not instant, you have to wait for 3-6 months to see them. Before deciding for the treatment you have to inform the doctor about your medical record.

How does it work?

Sculptra is injected in the skin dermis in the series of two to three treatments. It gradually replaces the lost collagen by rebuilding the new one. You will notice a big improvement in the facial volume after completing the course. The treatment will also eliminate wrinkles, lines, scars, spots from your skin.

What makes it different from other facial fillers?

  • The results produced by Sculptra fillers are more subtle, natural-looking and long-lasting because it works in the underlying structure of the skin whereas other fillers only fill the wrinkles without resolving the hidden cause.
  • There will be an immediate effect on your face right after the procedure but this effect will go away in one or two days. When they are injected the skin looks fuller and plumped up but all the plumpness will be gone within just 2 days but don’t get disappointed because this is how they work. As soon as the swelling subsides, the actual natural collagen production process starts. Polylactic acid starts the formation of sheets of collagen in the underlying structure of the skin. The process is slow and takes time but provides long-lasting results.

A cost-effective solution, why?

The effects of Sculptra last for more than two years but even after that, most patients simply need just one treatment per year which makes it a cost-effective solution. The treatment will leave you with more natural-looking, youthful and smooth skin.

Who is a good candidate for Sculptra?

Fillers come up in different forms so deciding for the right one could be a difficult decision. Sculptra is right for those who have time and don’t expect immediate skin rejuvenation results because it “gradually” improves the skin texture and tone.

What to do to prepare for Sculptra?

Do not use Aspirin, ibuprofen or any other kind of blood thinners for at least 5 days before the treatment. Refrain from drinking alcoholic drinks and consume prescribed medicines as per the directions of the doctorAvoid wearing makeup on your face when coming for treatment. If you are pregnant then discuss it with your doctorTell your doctor if you are allergic to any kind of medication. 

Is Sculptra worth it?

The money you spend on Sculptra filler will not be wasted because at the end of the treatment you will get years’ younger facial look and improved self-confidence. The procedure is safe and there is no risk of getting botched results from the treatment so if you want to safely and painlessly improve the appearance of your skin then consider Sculptra fillers in Dubai.