Pros and Cons of Sculptra Treatment in 2023

Due to their non-invasive nature and current popularity, Sculptra Treatment in Dubai is thought to be the ideal facelift substitute. They function gradually and softly over time, giving the individual a young appearance. 

These fillers increase face volume. The volume is lost as a result of aging by assisting your skin in producing new collagen. It also restores the inner structure of your skin. Dermal fillers made by Sculptra are an excellent way to cure skin aging symptoms. The environment also increases skin aging symptoms.

Sculptra Dermal Filler: What is it?

Sculptra used on the face and other parts of the body are also known as dermal fillers. Which includes the buttocks and breasts. Strong immune systems can enjoy these injections. It is a one-time operation that yields durable outcomes. To finish the course, though, 3–4 sessions are necessary. It is the most effective way to increase volume;

  • A hollow chin.
  • with recessed cheeks.
  • empty temples.
  • Jawline.
  • cheekbones of bone.
  • both the nasolabial and melolabial creases.

Do You Qualify to Receive Sculptra Fillers?

Make sure you’re a good candidate for Sculptra Treatment in Abu Dhabi before getting them. It’s ideal for those whose thin skin on their hands, breasts, or other body parts bothers them. This means that by using these fillers, your health must be in good condition. An excellent candidate is one who:

  • Maintain a strong immune system.
  • Is old enough to receive fillings.
  • Possessing healthy mental and physical health.
  • Set reasonable goals for the operation.
  • Avoid experiencing skin allergies.

Operational Guidelines:

  • Before the procedure, refrain from using aspirin or any other blood thinners.
  • You should avoid drinks with caffeine for at least 24 hours before the surgery.
  • Timely use of prescribed medications (if any).
  • On the day of your treatment, avoid wearing makeup.
  • If you are expecting or have a drug allergy, let your doctor know right away.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, tell your doctor.
  • It may take 15 to 30 minutes to finish the Sculptra filler for the face procedure at your doctor’s clinic. The process includes the following phases.
  • On the basis of your needs, your doctor may apply numbing lotion to the targeted region. Or provide local anesthetic.
  • The injection of fillers takes place at several places.
  • Depending on your needs, your doctor will determine the precise dosage of fillers.
  • The subcutis layer, behind the dermis, or beneath your skin is where the injections are placed.

Finally, they suggest that you apply an ice pack to your face. You’ll have less swelling and bruising as a result.  You may also massage the treated area. It is to promote the even distribution of the material that is injected. 

Instructions After Surgery:

To achieve the greatest outcomes, you must adhere to the postoperative recommendations. On the basis of your particular situation, our surgeons will provide you with instructions in this respect. The following are some typical instructions for Sculptra Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi though.

  • Three times a day, ice your face for roughly 15 minutes.
  • If you have pain or discomfort, take the prescribed medication.
  • Five times a day for at least five days, massage your face.
  • Avoid prolonged and direct sun exposure.
  • After surgery, refrain from strenuous activity for approximately a day.
  • Apply topical medications as directed to reduce swelling and bruising.

You should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a face filler therapy like Sculptra Treatment in Dubai before deciding whether to undergo the operation. You can assess whether the process is worth the time and money commitment by being knowledgeable about it.


Unlike Some Alternatives, More Natural:

A protein generated by bacteria known as botulinum toxin is one of the toxins used to make certain common face fillers. Poly-L-lactic acid, a naturally occurring substance that the body releases after strenuous activity, is the basis for Sculptra. (The substance thickens muscles and skin by increasing collagen synthesis.) Poly-L-lactic acid is biocompatible and safely removed into the body, in contrast to toxins face fillers that stay in place. The toxin included in other face fillers can result in toxicity and partial paralysis.

Results that Look More Natural:

Sculptra Treatment in Dubai can generate more natural-looking results besides employing a material. That material is more natural and biocompatible than other face fillers. This is due to the Poly-L-lactic acid’s long-term effects on collagen stimulation. And also on treated area augmentation. Alternatives based on toxins operate more quickly, but they actually impair nerve activity and “freeze” the muscles. Which results in recesses and wrinkles and gives the user a stiff, unnatural appearance.

It Lasts Longer than Certain Treatments:

The outcomes of Poly-L-lactic acid-based face fillers are not long-lasting. Which is a significant drawback. You can’t expect the benefits to endure over the long term. Even after spending money on up to six treatments spaced out over thirty-six weeks. At least once every two years, you will need maintenance treatments, which might need an extra three to six sessions.

The Poly-L-lactic acid face filler is one of the longest-lasting alternatives on the market. The benefits of the acid-based fillers only last four to six months. These fillers need more frequent follow-up visits to your cosmetic specialist’s clinic. This is because they need fewer sessions all at once for Sculptra Treatment in Dubai.


Longer Time to See Results:

The Poly-L-lactic face filler has the drawback of taking longer to produce results than other choices. The Poly-L-lactic-based facial filler requires at least three to six treatment sessions (each lasting 15 to 30 minutes). 

That is spaced three to six weeks apart before you achieve ideal results. in contrast to toxin-based facial fillers, which may only take a few days after each treatment to give you ideal results (and frequently give you somewhat satisfying results right away). You should observe some progress after each session. But it will take time for lines and voids to fill in.

A little More Expensive than Other Alternatives:

More visits result in higher expenses. The Poly-L-lactic acid-based face fillers are more expensive per syringe than the acid-based counterparts. With Sculptra, you may need more syringes (besides one to three every session). Since you need at least three to six sessions to see the effects.

Plan A Consultation!

We recommend that you speak with a specialist before beginning the procedure. It enables the professional to be aware of your objectives. Also about your anticipations, and other crucial factors. You can also talk about any worries you have about the therapy. Without a doubt, the finest location to get Sculptra Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah vial is Dynamic Clinic Dubai. All our patients are eligible for a free initial consultation.  You can schedule a meeting by completing the form below.