erectile dysfunction in dubai

Feeling ashamed in front of your partner? Losing confidence because of erectile dysfunction? Losing pleasure of sex with your partner? You are not the only one who is going through this problem, there are millions of men facing the situation. All of the mentioned problems are because by erectile dysfunction, so do not worry because Dynamic Clinic Dubai is offering various options for Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Dubai that will treat your problem and help you regain your youth. 

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Trouble achieving or maintaining a hard enough erection for intercourse is referred to as ED. Even though it’s common for men to experience occasional erection issues, ED that progresses or occurs frequently during sexual activity is abnormal and has to be addressed. 

ED can also be a cause of many other diseases like heart problems, damage to blood vessels, and diabetes. However, Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai is readily available to anyone suffering from this situation.

Causes of ED:

  • health issues like diabetes or heart disease
  • Obesity can also reduce blood flow, which can lead to erectile dysfunction in people who smoke frequently.
  • excessive levels of stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Receiving medical care, such as chemotherapy for cancer.
  • Any injury to the reproductive area
  • Some wounds might harm the arteries and nerves in your penis.
  • Relationship difficulty
  • Pharmaceuticals like antidepressants and antihistamines
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Psychological problems, such as sadness 
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • Relationship issues and difficulty becoming pregnant
  • The side effects of any surgery
  • Regularly abusing drugs and alcohol

Even while Erectile Dysfunction in Dubai becomes more prevalent as men age, this is not generally how it happens. Some men continue to have sexual relations well into their seventies. ED might be a sign of a more serious health problem. Finding and addressing the underlying cause is the first step in treating ED.

Symptoms of ED:

ED symptoms include:

  • having trouble getting an erection
  • being unable to keep an erection for long enough to engage in sexual relations
  • not having erections strong enough to penetrate
  • Following penetration, loss of erection
  • Unsatisfactory sexual relations

It’s typical to have some of these problems on occasion. However, if you have these symptoms more than 50% of the time, you might wish to discuss ED with your doctor and get erectile dysfunction treatment in Dubai.


Below are a few advantages of receiving an injectable:

  • It delivers lasting and organic outcomes.
  • There are no negative effects, skin issues, or difficulties following the operation; it is entirely fine.
  • Everyone can easily afford it because it is cheap and has a fair price.
  • Your personality will become more appealing and gorgeous as a result.
  • Your sense of self-assurance and respect will also increase.
  • It involves very little physical connection.
  • It will improve the erection or the affected region’s features.
  • It enhances the pleasure of intercourse
  • Gives you strong erections

Treatments of ED:

There are several techniques to treat ED, but before selecting any of the treatment options candidates must talk to their urologist. Also, discuss your medical history with them. Invasive and non-invasive procedures are available at our clinic to treat erectile dysfunction in Dubai.

  • P-shot Treatment
  • vacuum equipment.
  • Low-intensity shockwave therapy
  • Surgery (penile implant).

The above-mentioned are surgical treatment options at our clinic. But we can also treat the problem with non-invasive methods as well. Non-surgical options include;

  • Medicines
  • Mechanical aids
  • Penile injection therapy (intracavernosal injection therapy)
  • Sex counseling.


Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai is very reasonable and cheaper, everyone can afford it, but the total cost is not constant, it can change according to requirement, at Dynamic Clinic process price depends on multiple segments like:

  • The severity of your disease
  • The number of dosages you want to get
  • Urologists’ expertise.
  • The status of treatment success
  • Clinical location

By considering all these factors, the expenses might increase or decrease. Normally, the cost for erectile dysfunction in Dubai starts from AED 8500. 

Why Choose Us?

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