tear trough filler in dubai

The tear trough is a prominent crease that runs between the top cheek and lower eyelid. It occasionally has a shadowy effect underneath your eyes that makes you look worn out. Some people believe that tear troughs give them an older appearance. That’s because as you age, face tissues lose volume.

Tear trough fillers in Dubai are used to lessen their depth. A dermal filler is injected into the area by a qualified medical specialist, giving the skin a fuller, tighter appearance. It is a non-invasive technique for facial rejuvenation.

What are Tear Trough Fillers?

These fillers are injected underneath the eyes and they serve to accentuate the volume under the eyelids. Even though there are more options, hyaluronic acid is normally the common filler choice for this region. This acid is found naturally in the body and has a gel-like texture.

Hyaluronic acid promotes volume and reduces indentations when it is injected into your skin. Under Eye Fillers in  Dubai are safe to use and are less invasive than surgeries. Additionally, the results of these fillers are temporary. An under-eye filler normally causes relatively minor discomfort that passes quickly.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Your lower eyelids will be examined by a skilled medical practitioner prior to receiving tear trough fillers. They will also examine the skin’s thickness and texture. The following steps are followed:

  • The medical expert cleans the skin to avoid infections.
  • To avoid bruising, he will apply a topical anesthetic is or put ice bags underneath the eyes. This lessens discomfort by numbing the area.
  • The filler-filled syringe is then ready for use.
  • Depending on their preference, the syringe is attached to a blunt or sharp needle.
  • The filler is injected behind the skin of your lower eyelid to treat deep tear trough lines
  • The doctor will slowly remove the needle after injecting the filler.
  • To disseminate the filler, he will give the area a gentle massage.
  • Repeating the process under the other eyelid.

Who is eligible for a Tear Trough Filler?

If any of the following apply to you, tear through filler may be a good option:

  • Have under-eye bags that are light to medium in size.
  • Possess a robust, healthy skin.
  • Keep your expectations in check.
  • Acknowledge that the treatment is only temporary.
  • Are in good physical shape.

Comparatively, you might not be a strong contender if:

  • Your skin is incredibly thin.
  • There is extra skin around your eyes.
  • You have very deep tear troughs
  • You have extra fat behind your eyes
  • Your eyes have a skin infection.
  • Any medical condition that makes complications more likely.
  • Your under eyes are really dark.

If you want to get tear trough lines treatment from Dynamic Clinic, it’s best to get a consultation first.

What are the Benefits of Getting Tear Trough Fillers?

Most people believe that these fillers are just the same as eye serums. The truth is that these fillers help reduce wrinkles and bags underneath the eyes. Other benefits include:

  • Reduction in hyperpigmentation around the eyes.
  • Enhancing volume underneath the eyes.
  • Reduced sagging skin beneath the eyes.
  • Reduction in wrinkles underneath the eyes.
  • Preventing tired-looking eyes and rejuvenating them.
  • Results are almost instant.
  • Less time consumed to carry out the procedure
  • No recovery period
  • A better alternative to getting surgery.
  • A cheaper option for getting surgery

What Causes Tear Troughs to Create Wrinkles?

The tear trough is the hollow area between the cheek and the lower eyelid. This hollowness develops when there is a decrease of tissue in this area, which typically happens with age or as a response to weight loss.

As a result of this area getting hollow, wrinkles and fines start appearing. This in turn makes the person look older and tired all the time. Fillers can help reduce these wrinkles and make the tear troughs appear smaller.

What is the Cost of Tear Trough Fillers?

The Cost of Tear Trough Fillers in Dubai ranges from AED 1,200 to AED 1,500. Depending on where you live and the doctor’s level of skill, your therapy may cost more or less.

The number of shots you require will determine how much the tear trough fillers cost overall.

The doctor might use 1 vial for both sides if the tear troughs are shallow. However, deep tear trough fillers are applied to each eye. This means you will need a vial for each side in case the tear troughs are really deep

Health insurance does not provide coverage for tear trough fillers. The surgery is regarded as optional and aesthetic. However, if you require treatment for deep troughs, there is slight possibility insurance might pay for it.

Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that these fillers are temporary. If you want to keep the impact, you’ll need more treatments. Every year or two, many patients have the injection again.

What are the Aftercare Steps for Tear Trough Filler Treatment?

Once the operation is complete, you can return home. Right instantly, the region beneath your eyelids will appear fuller. However,  results of Tear Trough filler after 2 weeks are more prominent Make sure you adhere to the post-treatment guidelines, which often include the following:

  • For 1 to 2 days, refrain from strenuous activities.
  • Apply ice to the eyes for the first 2 days.
  • Avoid going to the bed face down.
  • Get rid of lumpy areas by gently massaging with your fingers.

Are Tear Trough Fillers Risky?

Hyaluronic acid fillers typically don’t cause serious long-term negative effects. The following are potential side effects of tear trough fillers:

  • Mild but constant headaches.
  • Discolored Patches on the Skin.
  • Possibility of an allergic reaction.
  • Mild stinging pain.
  • Swollen eyes and tear troughs.
  • Lumps formation at the injection site.
  • Inflammation in small areas around the eyes.
  • Possibility of eye infection.
  • Results vary from person to person.

How to Get Rid of Tear Troughs Naturally?

Following are some home remedies that can be used to fix or get rid of tear troughs.

1)   Drinking water:

Drinking water may be helpful because dehydration can lead to sunken eyes.

2)   Good sleep habits:

Adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.

3)   Skin Oiling:

Sunken eyes are a sign of nutrition loss in the skin under the eyes. Almond oil can nourish the area around the eyes.

4)   Potatoes:

Vitamin C and enzymes found in potatoes nourish the delicate skin beneath the eyes. The raw potato lessens blood vessel irritation to lighten skin tone.

5)   Citrus juice:

Lemon juice,  helps remove dead skin cells and discoloration from the skin beneath the eyes. To lessen skin sensitivity, lemon juice must be diluted with water. This alternative is a great tear trough treatment without fillers.

6)   Tea Bags:

By increasing circulation and calming the muscles and nerves around the eyes, tea bags help reduce sunken eyes.

7)   Cut Cucumbers:

They are used beneath the eyes to chill the skin, lessen swelling, and lighten the skin.

8)   Fish Oil:

This is an anti-inflammatory that aids in the healing of injured cells because it is high in fatty acids.

Although these alternatives are cheaper, they do not work for every person. It is best to consult your doctor first and then try out these remedies.

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If you feel like home remedies are not working out for you, you should get your eyes treated immediately. Most patients hesitate to get professional fillers due to the risks involved. However, Dynamic Clinic will walk you through the results thoroughly. If you want to get a better idea about tear trough filler before and after, book a free session with our experts!