How Can I Extend the Results of a Chemical Peel

The term “chemical peel” can be frightening when used in relation to skincare. But those who have had in-office Chemical Peels in Dubai already know they’re not as terrifying as you would imagine. In fact, it’s among the greatest remedies now on the market for addressing a variety of skin issues. The alternatives available today may cure skin issues including acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, and fine lines. Which helps put the effectiveness of peels into context. All of this is made possible by the acids present in these chemical peels, which remove dead skin cells, quicken cell turnover, and increase collagen formation to give users’ skin an improved, more youthful appearance.

Ways to Extend Chemical Peels Results:

There are a few tricks to enhancing your post-peel outcome that will almost certainly result in your greatest complexion yet, even if frequent peels alone will claim noticeable effects. Here, the dermatologist of Dynamic Clinic Dubai outlines five strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of your care.

Before Receiving Treatment, Prepare Your Skin:

You must stop using several items 7 to 10 days before treatment and take extra care to preserve your skin:

  • Stay away from the sun’s UV radiation and tanning booths.
  • Every day, put on an SPF of at least 30.
  • Stop using any drugs your aesthetician advises you to stop using, including aspirin, ibuprofen, and others (this may include prescriptions).
  • Stop using any scrubs, and stay away from products that include salicylic acid, BHA, or AHA, which exfoliate the skin.
  • Unless you are utilizing retinol or Retin-A under medical supervision, stop using it.
  • Avoid waxing your face. Shaving should be avoided on the day of your peel, though.
  • Put all self-tanners away.

Plan a Set of Therapies:

While a single chemical peel may absolutely transform your skin. It’s important to schedule many sessions in order to preserve and enhance your initial results. You can perform light Chemical Peels in Dubai every few weeks till you see your ideal results. Annual sessions may be the most effective because deeper peels require more rest in between treatments. For the best treatment strategy for you and your requirements, speak with your doctor.

After Treatment, Keep Your Skin Protected:

Wear SPF even inside because your skin will be more susceptible to environmental and UV damage after a chemical peel! Make careful to pick the right sunscreen, apply it appropriately, and combine your sun protection with additional measures as well:

Pick a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 50. For everyday usage, SPF 30 is the least advised, however, after a peel, more protection is beneficial. Our physician-only skincare products include a variety of non-irritating, non-greasy broad-spectrum lotions that are safe to use following your treatment.

Use the appropriate quantity of sunscreen. Apply a liberal amount of SPF on your neck in addition to using a nickel-sized amount or more on your face.

Put on Sun-Protective Gear: 

A UPF (ultraviolet protection factor)-rated hat, piece of clothing, or fabric will protect you by letting just a little amount of sunlight penetrate your skin. After your peel, you might want to invest in a hat with an extremely broad brim, since the Skin Cancer Foundation advises wearing hats with brims at least three inches wide on a regular basis.

Antioxidants can help you avoid solar damage. Regardless of how high your SPF is, some sunlight will always reach your skin. Your skincare routine may be supplemented with antioxidants, such as vitamin C, to help prevent UV damage from free radicals.

Plan your peel for a time when you’ll spend most of the day indoors. You may want to schedule your chemical peels during the cooler months because protecting your skin is simpler when there aren’t any river trips or barbecues planned. This might be especially useful if you’ll be getting several treatments back-to-back; for the best outcomes, we frequently suggest three.

Use the Correct Products in Between Peel Appointments:

 Remember to utilize at-home exfoliators once your skin has fully recovered from your in-office peel. And always talk to your physician before using any post-treatment products. According to our dermatologists, various peels have different effects on the skin. Unprescribed use of the product too soon might cause some discomfort or disrupt the healing process.


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