How Can Anxiety Cause Sexual Dysfunction In Men

It couldn’t be more accurate to say that Anxiety, Stress and Mental Unease have become the most loyal thing to us as they have been with us since we entered the teenage phase. Covid-19 came into our lives, taking this stress and anxiety to another level. When you are not mentally comfortable, your bodily functions get affected too. It impacts both genders negatively, significantly affecting their sexual dysfunction. The exciting thing is, you don’t have to live with them permanently. Taking services from Sexologist in Dubai would benefit you enough.

We have compiled some information about How can anxiety cause sexual dysfunction in men and the suitable treatments.

What Is Sexual Dysfunction In Men?

When a man is undergoing any physical or mental health issue which makes him unable to perform satisfactory-well in the sex, it is referred to as sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is most commonly found in males of all ages, especially older adults, and increases as they grow older. 

Sexual dysfunction is one of the major causes of low confidence and low self-esteem due to the no orgasm and pleasure during the sex for both men and women. 

Types of Sexual Dysfunctionality:

ED OR Erectile Dysfunction:

An issue that makes the man’s integrity questionable. You got it right!

An erection is difficult to get, and when a person gets it, he can’t hold it longer. That’s simple when there is no erection, no penetration, this can be something else but not sex.

Early To Premature Ejaculation:

It is the most common in men. When a man during the sex intends to penetrate, he reaches orgasm too quickly, not at the right moment. This makes him and the partner disturbed as they get troubled if they try to become parents.

Delayed Ejaculation:

Late ejaculation is a problem too. It is another disturbing situation for men if they take longer to release semen from their penis or, in other means, they ejaculate late.

After getting an idea about the types of sexual dysfunction in men, Let’s dig into the reality of how Stress and Sex Issues are interrelated.

How Can Anxiety Cause Sexual Dysfunction In Men?

  • When they are mentally or physically disturbed, most males can’t penetrate well, and if they do, there is no pleasure at all. 
  • Usually, men aged 20 to 30 are likely to experience issues is erection when they are new to sex and gets anxious while doing it. As things get comfortable, this phase is short-lived, and the problem goes away because practice makes a man absolutely perfect! Colleges, universities, assignments, quizzes, final terms, jobs, and love life can add more to it. 
  • Another reason for the poor erection is age. As your age increases, the penis is no longer youthful, and its functionality declines over time, which causes difficulty in the erection, firmness, and no sex full of orgasms. There can be many reasons for it, like being in a phase of life when you’ve crossed the Golden Jubilee, there can be much more stress on you than in your mid-20s. 

These include:

  • Health Changes
  • Diseases
  • Job Loss
  • Retirement
  • Losing a loved one

People wonder how a thing that is going on in our minds can cause penetration issues. We’ll explain to you how:

Stress And Hormones Do It All:

  • When a person is taking too much stress about anything in life, this results in increased growth in stress hormones, which lowers testosterone production. This is how you feel low sex drive.
  • Too much stress somehow disturbs the brain’s functionality and its way of sending signals to the penis.
  • When all of your attention is on life problems, you don’t feel sex excitement anymore.  

Sex Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

You need therapy when you are emotionally stressed and not feeling well, right?The same goes for sexual problems too, when your sexual function is disturbed. 

You need sex therapy to get your problems resolved.Sexologist in Dubai offers Psyhco Sexual Therapy which helps you determine the primary problems, their root causes, the best sex therapy and suitable erectile dysfunction treatment for you(the customised one).

Sexologist Cost For Erectile Dysfunction

There is never a single person providing the services of anything in the world; there are many. They have differences in skills, experience, and qualifications. Each one has a changed cost according to their services. So, to make the long story shorter, Sexologist Costs in Dubai differ. 

Still, you can get an idea about the price of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai which is about 6500 AED.

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