How Abdominal Etching and Lipo Can Make Your Penis Look Longer

Making your penis look longer is a definite technique to raise your masculinity and boost your confidence. You can use techniques like belly etching and lipo of the mons pubis region to give the appearance that your penis is larger. Extra fat deposits in the suprapubic area frequently cause buried penis syndrome. Which lowers one’s self-esteem and confidence. The perception that your penis is little or buried can have negative effects on your physical and emotional well-being in many guys.


  • If you want a larger penis or believe that your penis is really little compared to the size of your body.  
  • If you have Peyronie’s disease or a micropenis. 
  • If you believe that undergoing such surgery might boost your sexual performance or boost your confidence

What is Abdominal Etching?

Athletes and fitness models frequently use abdominal etching to get a good, lean body form. Many people get this procedure to align the body muscles with six-pack abs. The same belly etching procedure may be used to lengthen the penis and improve the male body’s shape. The liposuction method is used for abdominal etching, which attempts to give men a slim form and appearance there. The surgeon trims away extra fat from the abdomen and the area around the waist during this treatment. The reduction of fat leaves the abdomen in a lovely, ripped form. Because the etching method deepens the natural grooves of the abdominal muscles. The appearance is identical to that of six-pack abs. The length of the penis may be seen in its entirety as the abdominal muscles get harder and tighter. There are several names for abdominal etching, including high-definition liposuction and lipo etching. Abdominoplasty should not be confused with an abdominal etching operation.

How Surgeon Performs Abdominal Etching?

Having your abdomen etched is an outpatient surgery. The patient and our qualified surgeon first go through every aspect of the procedure. He would then mark the target regions around the waist and abdomen. The doctor will make a few minor incisions in the belly after outlining the muscles. There before starting the etching operation, he skillfully shapes the muscles and removes the superfluous fat deposits using a cannula tube.

Even though abdominal etching is a surgical operation, it is a less complicated one. This approach is quite quick in comparison to many other Penile Enlargement in Dubai. There is typically little recovery time following the treatment, and you may resume your regular activities right away. Surgeons use general anesthesia to carry out the surgery. At our outpatient facility, the entire surgical operation takes approximately an hour.


  • Your penis will get wider and longer, which will boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • A strengthened feeling of manhood and power
  • and better sexual function as a result of increased self-assurance

Pubis Mons Lipo:

Genetic or congenital factors may contribute to the deposition of extra fat in the mons pubis area. Weight increase can also make the mons pubis area more visible. The penis becomes buried in the fat as the localized deposits of fat grow. The visual length of the erect penis shortens as a result. The “hidden penis” syndrome is the term used to describe this problem.

In addition to burying the penis and shortening its apparent length, an accumulation of excess fat in the mons pubis area stretches the skin in the area as well. The surgery known as mons pubis lipo involves the removal of extra skin. Our surgeons conduct mons pubis lipo on patients at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, who want to enhance the appearance of their penis. So that it seems longer and boosts the sensation of masculinity. Our surgeons combine this male lipo with abdominal etching to provide patients with the finest long-term outcomes when it comes to lengthening the penis.


Mons pubis lipo surgery, also known as a monsplasty. It takes place at an outpatient institution. To fully liposuction the pubic fat, the doctor first sedates the patient under general anesthesia. Depending on the patient, the case’s complexity may change. Our surgeon accurately removes fat deposits based on the particular demands of the situation. Traditional lipo is distinct from mons pubis lipo. And as a result, it needs a lot of accuracy. In roughly an hour, the doctor completes the male lipo treatment for Penile Enlargement in Dubai.

For the greatest outcome, the doctor will remove any extra skin in the suprapubic area while conducting male lipo. After the removal of extra pubic fat, the look of the area improves when the stretched skin of the mons pubis region is sutured. This makes the concealed or sunk-down penis emerge, become completely visible, and seem longer than it did previously.

A doctor could suggest that you take 1-2 weeks off work, depending on the sort of work you perform, to hasten the healing process. He will advise you to avoid engaging in any vigorous exercise or activities after surgery. Following liposuction, swelling and bruising are frequent side effects. Everything will disappear in a few days. 


  • When the pubic region looks better, the area seems toned and slim. In the erect position, the concealed penis now extends further from the torso. 
  • Your sex life and relationship will improve as well as your confidence and self-esteem once your penis seems longer.

Final Verdict!

These are some of the benefits of Penile enlargement in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Please talk to your surgeon if you wish to go through this procedure. You are probably a suitable candidate for this surgery if you have a positive outlook, realistic expectations, and decent overall health.