Palliative Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Suffering from a chronic illness can be a challenging thing as it makes our life difficult. Everyone wishes to provide the best care and help to their ill loved ones. It’s not easy to see a loved one suffer from a certain illness. No matter how heartbreaking it becomes, one should always provide them with the best care, treatments, and help. To make this difficult phase easy for you or your loved one, Dynamic Clinic offers Palliative Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. so that you have a good quality of life and do not feel alone during this time.

The Aim of Palliative Care at Home in Dubai:

Life can be super challenging if you suffer from a certain disease. The main aim of this service is to provide proper care and help to patients with chronic illnesses. We also provide end-of-life care to patients who are in the last stages of a certain disease. We know it can be difficult to live during this phase, but let us help you look on the brighter side. Our clinic aims to help these patients while managing their pain. We provide them with a suitable carer who is like a good companion.

Who Should Avail Palliative Care at Home in Dubai?

If you or your family member suffers from the following health conditions, then you are ideal candidates for Palliative Care at Home in Dubai. Our services are not age or gender specific, anyone who lies in the candidacy criteria can easily avail of our services:

  • People who suffer from different chronic issues.
  • Elderly people who are sick and live alone.
  • Individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.
  • People who have heart diseases, and different organ diseases such as liver disease, kidney failure, etc.
  • Individuals who are at the last stage of cancer.
  • Bedridden individuals.

Comprehensive Palliative Care at Home in Dubai Approach:

Let us help you in your difficult phase. At Dynamic Clinic Dubai, we try to provide our patients with the best possible care and services in their hard times, to make their life a bit easy for them. Some of the main services we offer at our clinic are:

  • Helping You with Physical Activities:

Our professional nurses provide proper physical care to the patients. As it becomes difficult for these patients to walk, and exercise on their own due to their illness, our staff helps them with their physical movements. This also includes providing help with the patient’s bowel management problems.

  • Education and Training:

Our clinic gives proper guidance and education about the patient’s health, their symptoms, and their condition to their family members. Having proper knowledge helps manage the symptoms.

  • Emotional Support:

We know how hard life becomes for patients, who suffer from a life-long illness. Living becomes surviving for them and they are usually unable to enjoy the different circumstances of life. Our professional team members aim to help these patients by providing emotional and psychological support. This involves managing the different emotions of people, such as their anger, sadness, happiness, pain, and fear emotions.

  • Social Activities:

Our clinic also makes sure that the patients are socially active, and they attend different social activities. Helping them meet with their loved ones and different people in a gathering can make their minds happy and peaceful. This also has a positive impact on the health of individuals.

  • Pain Management and Medications:

Our nurses make sure that ill individuals take their prescribed medicine on time. If they feel pain, we help provide them with their suggested painkillers and help them overcome it through different methods and activities.

Other Important Services:

Some of the other vital services we provide during the end of life care are as follows:

  • Making sure that your loved ones eat healthy meals during this time.
  • Assisting with bathing, dressing, changing, and other toileting needs.
  • Guiding them about their spiritual beliefs.
  • Helping them remember their family members, and special occasions if they suffer from memory loss issues.
  • Assisting them with their daily life tasks.

Positive Impacts of Palliative Care at Home in Dubai:

There is a misconception that people usually have that Palliative Care at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is only associated with people in the end stages of their illness and have a few days in this world. No, however, these people can avail of this service but this program is suitable for anyone who is receiving the treatment to cure their disease. Some of the main benefits of this program are: 

  • One feels more comfortable in their home, surrounded by their family members.
  • Your pain and symptoms can be easily managed in the ease of your home.
  • Your quality of life improves.
  • People feel more hopeful and lively about their life when they are given the proper care and compassion.
  • Helps reduce mental stress and anxiety of people.
  • You won’t be alone during your hard time.
  • Reliable, trustable, and dependable nurses will be at your service.

Palliative Nursing at Dynamic Clinic Dubai!

If you are looking for Palliative Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah then you can reach out to our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic to get further information regarding your specific concerns, and questions. Our team experts will guide you through the entire process. You can book a free consultation with our experts by providing your details in the consultation form given below.