Mother and Baby Care at Home in Dubai

The post-pregnancy period comes with many different challenges for the mothers. Parents get super excited and overwhelmed when their baby is born. This new journey is very beautiful but also comes with various different challenges. Often parents get confused and overwhelmed with many different emotions during this new phase. Each and every woman requires the best care and treatment during this phase. If you also want to experience the joys of motherhood without worrying about the different challenges, you can avail of Mother and Baby Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, so you can enjoy and take proper care of your baby with the best help.

Mother and Baby Care Program at Home:

Giving birth to a baby is a beautiful experience, but it comes with many different changes and challenges. This experience is unique and beautiful in its own way, but parents often get worried about handling their little ones on their own. When couples live away from their families, they often get worried as it’s a completely new experience. We know how tough it can be to handle a newborn with less sleep, and no experience, so we aim to provide the best nannies for your ease, who provide the best possible care for both the baby and mother in the ease of your home.

At-Home Services of Mother and Baby Care:

We offer a wide range of services to provide the best comfort and ease to new mommies and their newborns. Some of the main services we offer are:

  • Personalized Care:

Our professional team members aim to provide the best facilities to the clients during this beautiful phase. We provide personalized plans that are made according to the personal requirements of our clients. 

  • Post-Labor Care:

A woman needs special care, and complete rest after she has gone through the childbirth process either through a normal delivery or a c-section. Our post-natal nannies take care of mothers and provide them with all their basic requirements and needs. This can include, making them proper nutritional meals, assisting them with their medicines, helping them with bathing, and toileting, etc. This care usually starts when women come out of the delivery room.

  • Bonding with Child:

We know how important it is for both the mom and the infant to bond. Our specialists will help develop a special bonding between the two by designing certain activities. Our nurses help promote positive bonding between the both by helping them make skin-to-skin contact by assisting you to hold your baby against your chest.

  • Assistance with Lactating:

New moms often have problems breastfeeding their newborns. As this is a new experience for them they often feel difficulty. And sometimes they are not able to properly breastfeed their children because of a lack of knowledge. The first few weeks are very essential for bonding, which is why our trained nurses assist them to properly breastfeed their infant properly.

  • Post-Partum Healing:

Mothers go through several different mood swings after childbirth. They require emotional support as well. Our specialists aim the new moms to overcome postpartum depression by providing them emotional, mental, and physical support.

  • Health Monitoring:

Both the vitals and health of the baby and mother are monitored on a regular basis so that a check and balance can be maintained on the weight, health, and temperature of both the mom and her infant. This also includes checking the infant’s weight, and symptoms for any other infections or illnesses.

Other Important Facilities:

Some of the other important facilities that we provide are as follows:

  • Educating the family members regarding the care of newborns.
  • Helping develop a bond between the baby and their siblings.
  • Post-delivery wound care.
  • Providing the new mom with a nutritional diet.
  • Providing assistance with premature babies, or who are born with congenital defects.

Advantages of Having a Post-Natal Nurse:

The wellness of a mother should be the top priority after childbirth. If they have good health, in this way their children can have good health. Postpartum care has several different benefits some of them are:

  • The new moms don’t feel alone and worried on this journey.
  • The benefit of having expert advice.
  • Proper nutritional guidance.
  • You can get proper time to sleep and rest.
  • Having proper guidance on how to handle the babies.
  • Having assistance in changing diapers, and clothes, and bathing the baby.
  • Helping in overcoming the symptoms or wounds of the post-pregnancy period.

How Much Does Post-Natal Care at Home Cost in Dubai?

The Cost of Post-Natal Services at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is quite affordable. However, the final cost of this service will be informed to you after having a proper consultation with our professionals at our clinic.  The cost can however contradict due to certain different factors.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

  • The expertise of the attendant.
  • The number of services you avail.
  • The working hours.
  • Distance of clinic from your home.

The Best Personalised Care at Your Home!

Couples no longer have to worry about handling their little ones all alone. We at Dynamic Clinic Dubai aim to provide the best nurturing services for our clients in the ease of their homes. We help provide tailored facilities for the ease of our clients. If you want to hire a professional nanny you can have a free consultation with our professionals and they will guide you regarding the Mother and Baby Care at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.