Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Some diseases are very hard to diagnose. These diseases require a specific amount of time to be diagnosed. In today’s fast-paced society, people often do not get the right amount of time for their health. Negligence in health can become the root reason for future problems. But now health can be delivered to your home with different home healthcare services. Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah have become super convenient for people, as they can get the right treatment after a proper diagnosis within their homes.

Understanding CPS:

Chronic Pain Syndrome is a complex medical disease that is still a major challenge for healthcare providers. When we get sick, injured, or suffer from trauma, our body reacts to it by giving us pain responses. This unpleasant sensation in our body lets us know where the problem lies. When we get better and our body heals, we no longer feel that pain. But when patients feel pain in any part of their body for about 3 to 6 months, then it is possible that they suffer from CPS. Chronic Pain Syndrome might be a complicated illness but with proper testing and treatment individuals can get better.

Diagnosis Of Chronic Pain Syndrome:

To make a certain possible diagnosis, your doctor will carry out some physical examinations. These might be:

  • Blood tests.
  • Urine tests.
  • MRI.
  • Imaging Tests.

What are Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai?

By collecting a person’s blood samples, the doctors can make a specific diagnosis about if they do or do not have CPS. this physical examination is very essential as it can help diagnose the problem and the root cause leading to it. So blood testing at the right time is very essential, as it can help with therapy and treatment.

Techniques of Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai :

There are various different tests that can help examine this illness. These are:

  • Comprehensive Blood Panel:

This examination helps provide information about the presence of the 14 different substances in a person’s blood. It also provides information about the body’s chemical balance and metabolism.

  • Examination of Inflammatory Biomarkers:

This test informs about any type of inflammation that takes place in a person’s body.

  • Tests for Neurotransmitters:

These are performed on the patient’s blood, saliva, or urine to look out for any abnormalities that could be causing the chronic pain.

  • Genetic Tests:

This examination is carried out to check if the patient’s CPS condition is or is not directly linked to genetic reasons.

Preparation Before Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai:

The patients might have to follow certain guidelines that their healthcare provider asks them to follow. 

  • Fasting: 

The patients might have to fast for certain hours. Your healthcare provider will provide you the instructions, they will guide you on how many hours you’ll have to fast for. 

  • Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water before you go for your appointment. As drinking plenty of water will help ensure good blood flow.

  • Medication Details:

If you’re taking any type of vitamins, supplements, or other drugs try to inform your healthcare provider before your appointment.

  • Ensure Your Comfort:

With at-home tests, you have the convenience of being at your home. So before the appointment make sure that you wear comfortable clothes, and make the environment comfortable for yourself. So that you remain at ease during the entire process.

The Procedure of Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai:

The procedure is carried out in the following steps:

  • When you book an at-home appointment with our professionals at our clinic. Our healthcare provider reaches your destination with the necessary testing kit.
  • Our phlebotomist will first ask you questions related to your health, and the symptoms you’re facing.
  • After asking for information related to your health, they will proceed with the procedure.
  • The phlebotomist will then ask you to lie in a comfortable spot.
  • The phlebotomist will then lift up your sleeve and will start to draw the blood from your arm with the help of an injection.
  • At the end of the process, the healthcare provider will take the collected blood to the laboratory. 
  • The process is simple and does not require any complications.

What is the Cost of Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai?

The Cost of Blood Tests for CPS at Home in Dubai procedures at Dynamic Clinic Dubai is quite affordable. However, for final cost details, you must consult our professionals. Your doctor will inform you about the final cost after properly examining your health.

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