Hijama In Abu Dhabi

Medical treatments work great. But everyone still wants to try out non-medicinal methods before diving into serious treatments or medications. We understand your concerns and work our level best to accommodate you according to your preferences. So, even if you’re someone who still believes in old healing therapies, we will aid you with the best care and safety measures. Find out what Hijama Therapy In Abu Dhabi, and what makes it such a popular treatment.

What Is Hijama Therapy?

An ancient treatment that is still valid and thriving today. It is a unique form of cupping therapy that has unlimited benefits. It is a skin-suctioning method that activates blood flow and heals any hidden problems within the body. Usually, people experience pain relief from internal inflammation, muscle spasms, or joint pain. However, it is a deep-tissue therapy that purifies the blood and activates cells to facilitate individuals with the healing process. 

What Makes It A Healthy Choice In Modern-Day Life?

This old method works perfectly for many internal and external health problems. It is a simple technique that requires a number of cups to be placed on the skin or body. Then the therapist uses the respective heating or air-pumping practice to create a vacuum effect. There is also a needle attached, then pinches into the skin and detoxifies the blood. But, only after consulting with a specialized therapist, one is able to seek the advantages of the treatment.

What Makes It A Suitable Option For Everyone?

It is a safe procedure, but individuals must undergo a consultation with the expert in charge. This is so, because we need to check your medical records and current tests before registering you for the treatment. However, it is best for all active skin problems such as acne, and scarring, and to reverse aging signs. Furthermore, knees, back pain, and frozen shoulders as well as other problems can also be tackled with this treatment. Moreover, there are two methods used for this ancient medical practice. One is dry and the other technique is wet cupping. The treatment is designed according to each candidate’s unique needs. That’s why health-friendly options for a wide range of concerns. 

How Is The Method Performed?

There are two types that are considered during the treatment. Only the healthcare provider is eligible to choose the best alternative for your required case. Below are the details of the practices:

  • Dry Cupping: this is a hot cup therapy that requires heating up every bowl-shaped glass separately. Then is it directly placed on the skin to cause a suction. This step is repeated to complete one set of the session. The duration may extend from 5 to 10 minutes. After that, each cup is carefully taken out. This step is followed by guiding you about the aftercare to heal the scars smoothly. 
  • Wet Cupping: it includes tiny punctures that are made into the skin with the help of built-in needles in each glassware. What happens is that as soon as the skin is exposed to the cups, it will be suctioned and trapped inside it. A tiny incision is naturally made in response to the air pressure. This causes toxins to come out of the body causing a detoxification effect. Eventually, it will cleanse the bloodstream and activate plasma to take over free radicals and improve one’s health conditions naturally. In the end, the cups are gently taken out, and candidates are instructed about homecare to avoid any infections. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Therapy?

There are so many health bonuses and benefits of Hijama In Abu Dhabi. Find out the multitasking effects of the therapy.

  • It is best for blood circulation throughout the body. As a result, it will aid in certain serious conditions such as muscle tension and hypertension.
  • All your pain in the knees, back, shoulders, and arms will be gone magically. This is due to collagen and plasma-rich cells working together to heal you from within.
  • People find improved results for their inflamed skin conditions such as acne, scars, and hyperpigmentation. 
  • It also helps with blood pressure and your sugar level is also controlled. So you don’t have to worry about extra medications if you’re on a roll with this treatment. 
  • Those of you dealing with migraines or sudden headaches will also experience a reduction in the problem.
  • It will also invade problems such as arthritis and other mild to moderate diseases related to blood vessels and the bloodstream in general. 
  • Oral ulcers and digestion issues are also resolved thanks to this versatile therapy. It is also effective with lung and coughing problems. 
  • Facial paresis and other psychological problems related to mental health are also greatly improved. Candidates will notice positive changes in their anxiety and depression. 

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