FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Looking for FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

UAE hair transplants are famous. Booming particularly in the last fifteen years. While finding a reasonable cost of transplantation here can be quite tough. This is because different clinics here charge different rates for transplants. But with us, you can be sure of receiving high-quality care at affordable rates. Though, the cost is mainly dependent upon the baldness condition of the patient not only on the clinic’s infrastructure. Continue reading to find a detailed guide on it.

Average Cost:

FUE Hair Transplant cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi starts at AED 6999 and above. This can exceed typically AED 14,999 depending upon implanted hair follicles and treatment manner.

You Should know the:

Since it’s understood that FUE  Hair Transplant charges more due to its latest methodology. You can expect to pay more as compared with FUT. Most clinics don’t provide cost estimates earlier. An initial consultation is crucial. After this, you will be guided by a precise estimate based on the requirement of hair follicles.

Remember one thing, hair transplant isn’t priced the same for each individual. Expenditures vary from surgeon to surgeon, clinic to clinic, and patient to patient. There is no fixed cost noted for transplant. Still, we conveyed some cost ideas in this blog so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

The Top Secret Behind Cost Calculation:

Different reasons can become a cause for cost variation. Actually, there are some cost-defining factors that most people don’t even know. Sometimes procedure complexity can also become a reason for high costs at some clinics. But at Dynamic Clinic Dubai, we aren’t based on the concept of charging more on behalf of the services we offer. Our one-time cost estimation is certain, you can only expect some minor fluctuation in- FUE hair transplant costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Following are some basic factors every person keeps in mind while opting for an FUE transplant from any clinic.

  • Baldness extent.
  • Hair Grafts are required.
  • Expertise Professional.
  • Clinic reputation.

Financial Offers:

The dynamic clinic offers a range of financial options to make transplantation approachable even for those who are unable to afford big amounts. We offer an interest-free installment plan in which you can easily pay a large amount in parts. Plus, our team further announces the discounted packages occasionally. To discern more details on financial offers, you can contact our team directly or keep checking our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The Takeaway:

So if you are living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and looking for a reliable, affordable FUE Transplant come to Dynamic. With 1600+ successful hair transplant surgeries, you can trust us. Being the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai & Abu Dhabi we never compromise on our patient’s health no matter what. Please let us know your problem for complete guidance in your case.

Free Consultation:

For further queries regarding FUE Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi consult us through the consultation form or contact us directly at +971 561772998.