Hair Transplant Without Shaving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Hair Transplant without cutting?—Read ahead.

Shaving donor and recipient areas before transplantation is quite usual. Yet, hair transplant is also possible without shaving but can be challenging. It makes the surgery time-consuming, and labor-intensive but offers exceptionally natural results. Here’s the guide on Hair Transplant Without Shaving in Dubai.

Unshaven FUE:

The unshaven FUE Hair Transplant is also named undetectable Hair Transplant, for its nature of hardly being detected. It’s a sophisticated way to restore hair even more efficiently without any embarrassment of being bald. This type of transplantation doesn’t impact the earliness of results. They tend to appear around 6-8 months or perhaps more. Well, you can expect to cherish natural-looking hair identical to your natural hair.

Do You Have To Shave Your Head Always?

The brief answer to this inquiry is simply No. The decision to shave your head is truly yours. The doctor’s recommendation can also help in this regard. Note that, FUE Hair Transplant with shaved head is easy but not presentable. It would let you tolerate the afraid of aesthetic consequences. On the other side, if the head isn’t shaved yet, surgery would be quite challenging but can keep your transplantation a secret. No one can detect you had any surgery. Daily routine activities can be easily continued from the very next day.

Besides, shaving isn’t advisable in FUT due to the strip harvesting method.

What’s Different in The Procedure?

Primarily, there is no such difference reported for shaved and unshaved transplants. However, the complexity, focus, and attention of the surgeon need to be extraordinary for ideal results. Generally, the implanted hair follicles are long. No one can find you had any treatment. But remember to follow each and every post-care instruction in terms of achieving optimal upshots.


Most surgeons prefer to shave the head before hair restoration to avoid post-complications. Here are the drawbacks associated with Hair Transplant without Shaving in Dubai.

  • There is a risk of complications.
  • The cost is typically high.
  • The surgeon’s team can only extract fewer follicular units in a single sitting. Further sessions may be required.
  • This type of transplantation can only be carried out effectively if baldness isn’t in a severe stage.


Here are the benefits you can have after an unshaven hair transplant,

  • Painless and non-invasive.
  • Results are realistic and natural-looking.
  • No shock-loss.
  • No stitches or scalpels.
  • The recovery period is quick No damage to hair follicles.

The Takeaway!

Alopecia affects one-third of the population. There is no evidence of its cure except for a hair transplant. While there is a strong debate to check whether shaving the head before transplant is necessary or not. Note that, shaving before transplant is simply your decision. It’s not certain to come bald for a hair transplant.

Shaving of the head is certainly directed when the entire scalp needs to be treated. Comparably, if a small area needs to be tackled, the surgical team suggests avoiding the shaving of the head.

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