Hair Transplant & Restoration Without Shaving Head

One of the most prevalent queries from patients considering Hair Transplant In Dubai. Is it a procedure that can be conducted without shaving the head? A hair transplant without shaving is something. That many people desire while undergoing a hair transplant procedure. If you think a hair transplant isn’t for you. Because you don’t want to get your head shaved, relax. Hair restoration using FUE is possible without shaving your head. But some applicants need a partial shave. Individuals believe that our hair is a sign of our character. It also affects how we define ourselves. Hence, it is understandable that a person may be hesitant to shave their head. While considering a hair transplant. Here are the complete details.


Because of its invisibility. An unshaven FUE hair transplant is also known as an invisible hair transplant. It’s a clever approach to repairing hair even more attractive. While avoiding the embarrassment of baldness. This form of transplantation has no effect on the timeliness of results. They usually occur after 6–8 months. If not longer. You can get natural-looking hair that is identical to your actual hair. It boosts your confidence.

Can you Get a Transplant Without Shaving your Head?

Yes, an FUE hair transplant without shaving is possible. But the answer depends on the individual and the conditions. If only a minor part of your head is to be treated. The surgeons will carry out the procedure without shaving. But this may make the process more difficult, thus these areas are routinely shaved.

What is the Difference in the Procedure?

There is no difference between shaved and unshaved transplants. But to get results and fast healing. The surgeon’s complexity, focus, and attention must be exceptional. The hair follicles that have been transplanted are lengthy. Nobody can prove you had treatment. The major difference is only that your treatment signs will not be visible to others. To achieve the best results. Applicants need huge intentions for aftercare. 

What are the Advantages and Drawbacks?

Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages. This procedure also possesses the following:


  • Patients can keep their original hairstyle both before and after the operation.
  • Allows people to return to work soon after surgery.
  • You can get your hair back without undergoing surgery.
  • Because fewer grafts are transplanted, recovery time may be reduced.
  • Scabs and crusts that form in the donor area after surgery will not be apparent.
  • The procedure boosts confidence.


To avoid post-complications. The surgeons prefer to shave the head before hair restoration. Here are the disadvantages of Hair Transplant without shaving in Dubai.

  • There is a possibility of difficulties.
  • The expense is substantial.
  • The surgeon’s staff can only remove fewer follicular units in a single session.
  • Applicants need more sessions of treatment.
  • The outcome may be less favorable.
  • The treatment with shaving is more effective.


Only a doctor can determine whether a person is suitable or not. It is based on their wishes and circumstances. Because it is done without a shave. The approach needs expertise and experience. It is critical to choose the right option. When selecting a center and a team to complete the work. The following are the ideal candidates for the treatment:

  • The applicant’s donor area must be sufficient.
  • The number of hair shafts in the recipient area.
  • The applicant must not be suffering from any diseases.
  • Applicants must have exceptional expectations of the procedure.


The healing phase after the procedure is related to the type of operation performed. But most people will resume their lives. You can go to work the next day after the treatment. The healing procedure takes one week. Since the shells and rashes disappear a week after the surgery. But applicants must keep in mind that the recovery period of all patients is not the same. It depends on the healing capacity of the body.


The Cost of a Hair Transplant in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges from AED 7,000 to AED 14, 000. The expenses depend on many factors. The following are the key elements:

  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • The location of the clinic.
  • The condition of the patients.
  • The need for the transplant.
  • The anesthetic cost.
  • Other medication expenses.

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