Hair Implants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost Price

Looking for Hair Implants in Dubai Cost? First, understand what Hair Implant is and why you need it.

What is Hair Implant?

A Hair Implant is neither a wig nor an intense surgery. -Just minimally invasive procedure, an alternative to traditional transplant. It is also named as artificial or synthetic hair transplant due to the prominent participation of artificial follicles to conceal the bald area. Candidates who opt for this unique transplantation may not have enough donor’s hair or merely suffer small patches.

Artificial Hair Implants Typical Cost Dubai:

The cost reported for Biofibre artificial Hair Implants in Dubai is AED 4000 to AED 15000. Prepare yourself to pay more if excess hair thinning is to be covered. Plus, a number of sessions also greatly affect the cost so it is preferable to consult us first to obtain a final estimate.

Is it Worth it?

As a matter of fact, we all afraid to try new procedures and therefore spending big amounts on them. Frankly speaking, the cost you will pay for this  Hair Transplant is totally worth it but under some terms and conditions. Your fitness and doctor’s proficiency play a key role in it. If you are physically, mentally fit and your surgeon is trained then there is no chance of acquiring worth-less results.

Secrets Behind Cost Estimation:

Many reasons become a cause of cost fluctuation and the majority is mostly even aware of them. They consider the general Hair Implants in Dubai cost estimate full and final and get surprised if cost decreases or increases. So for your ease and better understanding, here I mentioned the most usual factors of Hair Implants in Dubai cost every person must know.

  • Number of artificial Follicles Required
  • Size of Area to be covered
  • Expertise of Doctor
  • Clinic’s Infrastructure
  • Anesthesia, medical tests, and other charges

Why Should You Select Hair Implant Over Hair Transplant?

The primary reason to choose hair implants over transplants is the unavailability of donor’s hair. Surely, you don’t need to take stress even if you are completely bald. Besides, people who are always in hurry and can’t wait for months to see the results can also have this transplant. Rest assured it delivers the most instant outcomes; which is the only prominent reason of why majority is more inclined towards this. Another plus point of hair implants is that they cost so little. So if you are on a budget then definitely, this might be the most reliable decision for you. Also, it doesn’t include any uncertainty of scarring, stitches, and pains- as associated with surgical transplantation during hair follicles extraction.Well, with such benefits and the fact of pricing so less compared to real transplant together makes it an attractive choice for many.

The Takeaway:

For every bald person, even with zero donor hair, this transplant is the biggest good news. Now people with limited donor hair need to stop worrying about their hair. They can get a non-invasive hair implant from our certified surgeons to enjoy lifetime fullness in head.Even though this blog explained Average Cost of Hair Implants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, still if there is any query, doubt or misconception contact us directly through chat or use the online form.