Glutathione Injections in Dubai

All of us have been extremely busy studying, working and making our life better and future secure. Life has become like a robot, waking up, going to college/office, eating in between and back at home and sleeping. The cycle continues, and we never get time to make our bodies stronger and our skin flawless. What if you get to know about a treatment that boosts your immune system and brightens your skin with natural body nutrients?  

Glutathione and Vitamin C Injection for Skin Whitening is what your skin needs!

What are Glutathione and Vitamin C?


Glutathione is the combination of three amino acids responsible for strengthening the immune system, eliminating the free radicals and toxins from the body, helping the body fight healthy diseases and providing you with lighter skin color, just like celebrities. Glutathione is the mother of all Flavonoids or Antioxidants. Generally, these three essentials of glutathione, like glutamic acids, glycine and cysteine, are already found in the liver, protecting the body from different health diseases. 

Vitamin C:

On the other hand, let’s talk about the excellency of Vitamin C in benefitting the skin. 

We all know that citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, kiwis, strawberries and many other vegetables are a good source of vitamin c, providing numerous benefits for skin and health. You definitely have been using a skincare product containing Vitamin C as it is the best anti-aging natural substance that does wonders to your skin.

Which Form is More Beneficial? Orally? Topically? Or Intravenously? 


Several oral supplements containing glutathione and vitamin c that are available in the medical field separately and have been used widely for boosting immunization and skin lightening purposes. As they are taken orally, they go through the stomach and are then incorporated into the body, which decreases their 50% benefit. So these oral supplements do not provide 100% benefit.


Glutathione and vitamin c both are used in skincare products. Applying them topically is not as beneficial as the cream, or the solution gets absorbed in the skin. And it’s like requiring regular use.

Glutathione and Vitamin C for Skin Whitening Injections:

We have always thought of and still have been thinking that skincare can only be done topically. But advancement in the technology and medical field has proved us wrong. 

Combined, these two body essentials, Glutathione and Vitamin C become the Extremely beneficial Booster Shot/Dose. No, It’s definitely not a booster shot we have been hearing and getting, the Covid one. 

But the Immunization and the Beauty we all need!

Taking those nutrients and vitamins naturally found in the body intravenously is skincare and skin whitening on another level. When Glutathione and Vitamin C for Skin Whitening Injections, or glutathione and vitamin c, are taken through an injectable form, it is directly incorporated into the blood, giving you 100 percent benefits.

What Skin Conditions are Treated by the Glutathione and Vitamin C Injection for Skin Whitening?

All of the skin imperfections get corrected as these nutrients really trigger the healthy skin cells:

  • Tanned or dark skin complexion.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Dark Spots and Age Spots. 
  • Sunburn and Sun-damaged Skin.
  • All types of scars, including acne scars.
  • Uneven skin tone, lousy skin texture, skin blemishes and freckles. 
  • Aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth or overall face.
  • Saggy, crepey and droopy skin.
  • Dull, rough and dry skin.

Are There Any Side Effects of Glutathione with Vitamin C Injections?

No, there are no such reported side effects of taking glutathione intravenously. Most people who have taken the glutathione in an injectable form have experienced a booster effect and energy with their skin complexion getting improved and the correction of skin problems.

Taking glutathione with vitamin c adds more excellency to its performance and increases absorption. 

How Much A Patient Should Expect To Pay for A Whitening Injection of Vitamin C?

Every patient who steps into the Clinic with a unique problem similarly gets personalized treatment. That is the reason the cost differs. If you are interested in getting a Glutathione Injections in Dubai, you should prepare to pay around 900 AED to 12000 AED

You will get to know the cost you will be paying in the consultation with the skin experts of Dynamic Clinic. 

Skin Whitening in Dubai At Dynamic Clinic!

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