Dental surgery in dubai

What is Dental Surgery?

Dental surgery, also known as oral surgery, involves surgically modifying teeth, gums, or jawbones. This modification can mean the removal of tooth decay, repairing or replacing a lost tooth, etc. Usually, shivers go down our spine when we think of undergoing dental surgery. However, various procedures are commonly practiced. We will discuss the techniques that are involved in oral surgery.

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Types of Dental Surgery

Dental surgery can involve any surgical procedure that is performed on your oral structures. It can include plenty of outpatient treatments. Following are some commonly opted surgical treatments.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace a missing tooth’s roots. They are made of metal and function-wise act entirely as natural teeth. Dental implants are popular because they are considered a better alternative to dentures or other orthodontic treatments that do not fit. A dental implant is surgically placed so that there is no possibility of it to fall off of the position it has been inserted in. Dental implant surgery is also advantageous for the bones that need healing.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth grow near our molars and can cause quite pain. Since they can develop between the molars, sometimes they do not have room for proper growth. This causes extreme pain and leads to infections. Therefore, dentists may recommend wisdom teeth extraction in some cases if this procedure does not affect the neighboring teeth. Through an incision in the gum, the bone blocking the growth of the wisdom tooth is removed. The tooth is destroyed bit by bit, and finally, the wisdom tooth is extracted from the jaw.

Root Canal

Almost everybody must have heard about a root canal. This treatment is famous because it prevents other complications in your mouth because of a decayed tooth. In a decayed tooth, tooth pulp, which is present just under the enamel of teeth, is affected by the entry of bacteria. The tooth pulp is crucial because it contains blood vessels and nerve endings. Once bacteria enter, they destroy the whole tooth. This can lead to extreme facial pain. With the help of root canal surgery, the rotten part of the tooth is removed, relieving you of pain.

Dental Extraction

A dental extraction is a procedure in which a decayed tooth is pulled out with the help of a dental tool. This surgery is recommended when a tooth is entirely decayed and there is no chance of saving it. A dentist recommends dental extraction when such a tooth starts affecting the nearby teeth as well. However, there can be other reasons as well. The alignment of teeth is also one of the reasons that dentists may employ this method. If your mouth is too crowded, a tooth may be pulled out.

Why is Dental Care Important?                 

Dental care is essential for oral hygiene and health. It can help prevent various problems beforehand. It can avoid extreme pain. If you go for a dental checkup once in a while, the other complicated issues can easily be prevented. Dental care possesses great importance as there are plenty of issues your dental professionals will help you with. A wisdom tooth extraction, for example, will free you from extreme pain and infection. With new advancements, dental care provides painless and effective techniques to help you cope with issues regarding your oral structures.

Cost Of Dental Surgery

The cost of dental surgery depends upon the procedure specifically. Wisdom teeth extraction cost at Dynamic Clinic is AED 1800. Root canal surgery for one canal will cost you around AED 1300, AED 1800 for two canals, and AED 2800 for three canals. Surgical Tooth removal costs AED 1700. In order to know the exact price of a particular dental surgery, you need to consult your doctor. The cost can also be affected by other factors such as your surgeon’s fee or the location of the clinic that you are in.


The clients who have gone through dental surgery at our clinic are highly satisfied with the treatments. In fact, they are happy because dental surgeries have helped them get rid of the pain that decayed or injured teeth have caused them. To maintain oral health, various patients are treated, and they leave with pretty satisfying feedback.

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