Gall Bladder Stone Treatment In Dubai

A functioning gallbladder is a vital organ for digestion. But because of many elements, it is dysfunctional. And also results in issues like pain and infection, and it becomes a stone. But Gall Bladder Stone Treatment In Dubai is a reliable option. Hence, it improves the patient’s condition. While having minimal impact on digestive function. The gallbladder is a tiny, pear-shaped sac that stores bile. It is a mixture of cholesterol, fluid, and fat. Its main job is to break down fat in the body. Because it aids in food digestion. But eating foods like cakes, hard cheeses, ghee, and butter. And also, meat pies might raise your cholesterol and lead to the formation of bladder stones.

What is A Gallbladder Stone?

A little organ below the liver called the gallbladder holds bile. It is a greenish-yellow fluid that aids in digestion. But because of the extra cholesterol level, it becomes stone. Then stones develop in the gallbladder. These stones have the potential to be painful and problematic.


Your gallbladder is a little organ located next to the liver that stores bile. But because of many elements, it starts dysfunctioning. So the following are the main causes:

  • Gallstones can form when the bile has an excessive quantity of cholesterol in it.
  • The stones can occur because of elevated bilirubin levels in the bile.
  • It may occur if the gallbladder is unable to become empty.
  • The risk of stone production is higher if you are overweight or obese.
  • Having gallstones in the family increases the risk of developing the illness.
  • Gallstone development may be sparked by abrupt and severe weight loss.


It’s possible that gallbladder stones don’t always show symptoms. But the following are the main symptoms:

  • It can cause persistent, excruciating discomfort in the upper right abdomen.
  • The right shoulder or the back may also experience pain.
  • Some people may experience episodes of vomiting and nausea after eating fatty food.
  • The skin and eyes may turn yellow if a gallstone blocks the bile duct.
  • Gallbladder stones can result in digestive issues such as gas, bloating, and indigestion.
  • Because of insufficient bile flow.


The preparation before the procedure is important for treatment success. The following are the pre-procedure instructions for the procedure:

  • The doctor will examine your health condition during the initial visit.
  • Avoid taking any medications.
  • Avoid blood thinners that impair your body’s ability to clot blood.
  • Give up drinking and smoking.
  • Remain hydrated.
  • Any allergies you may have should be disclosed to your physician.

Treatment Options:

There are various efficient treatments for gallbladder stones in Dubai. But the following are the main procedure:

  • Medication:

The doctor will first recommend medication to dissolve gallstones. If people are unable to have surgery. So it is the best option.

  • Endoscopic Retrograde (ERCP):

It is also an effective treatment option for stone removal. Because it involves the extraction of the stone. To remove gallstones from the bile ducts. ERCP combines endoscopy and X-ray imaging.

  • Laparoscopy:

In this procedure, the expert will make four very small incisions. That helps to remove the gallbladder. A small incision is made close to the navel. And also, the surgeon will use this opening. To introduce a laparoscope. It is a little tube with a camera on it. That gives the surgeon unrestricted access to your organs and tissues. Other tools are placed into the remaining holes to extract the gallbladder.

Aftercare and Recovery:

The aftercare instructions are most important for healing. It also prevents future problems. The following is the aftercare guide:

  • The patient is kept under observation for one to two days.
  • The only time you can move is after 4 to 6 hours.
  • After ten days of the procedure, a follow-up visit is made to remove the stitches.
  • The expert will also prescribe healing medications.
  • Applicants must rest until healing.
  • Avoid all physical activities.
  • Applicants must follow the diet plan of the expert.

Are there any non-invasive treatments for gallbladder stones?

Yes, in some circumstances, medicine can dissolve gallbladder stones. But it depends on the severity of the problem. And also the applicant’s health situation.

How long does it take to recover from the procedure?

Depending on the kind of surgery done, recuperation times vary. Most patients can return to their regular activities within a week. But again, it depends on your aftercare follow-up.

Are there any dietary limitations after the procedure?

It is advised to switch to a healthy diet after gallbladder stone treatment. Applicants must consume fruits. They also eat vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Gallstone production in the future can be reduced. If you must avoid fried and fatty foods.

Can stones in the gallbladder come back after treatment?

There is a probability of recurrence even after stone removal. But the procedure offers a permanent cure. Maintaining a healthy diet and way of life can reduce the risk.


The Cost of Gallbladder Stone Removal Surgery in Dubai is low. It ranges between AED 25000 to AED 30000. The doctor calculates the real cost after the initial consultation. Because it depends on many factors.

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