Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cost in Dubai

Thinking to invest in your smile? Why not prefer a single treatment for it?  

Usually, dental makeovers don’t come cheap. Despite partial ones, when full-mouth restoration is claimed—cost is the most raised inquiry. And you deserve to be well-informed before you make any decisions.


If you ever considered restoring your overall smile. Full mouth rehabilitation is for you. It not only considers the aesthetics of your mouth but also restores functionality. No matter if the problem persists in teeth, gums, or perhaps complete mouth structure; this restoration can help on all terms. So how much does it cost to have a truly NEW SMILE?

Read ahead to find Full Mouth Rehabilitation costs in Dubai.

What Can Full-Mouth Restoration Do?

The broad dentistry field is summarized in one single treatment “Full Mouth Rehabilitation”. It entails a bundle of treatments ranging from implants to aligners to braces to even veneers and much more. This procedure replaces the old smile with a truly new, beautiful sparkling look.

The glimpse full mouth rehabilitation services include:

  • Rebuilding worn teeth
  • Escaping Gummy smiles
  • Treating Dental traumas

How Much Does Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cost?

Full mouth reconstructions are done with dental crowns, bridges, fillings, or implants. Each of these treatments holds a different price tag. That’s why it’s difficult to conclude one estimate. However, In general, the average cost of Full mouth rehabilitation in Dubai usually ranges from AED 3,000 to AED 20,000.

Prefer consulting dental professionals for more clear estimates.

Look At Some Factors:

There’s a lot to say when variation in prices is being enquired. For the same treatment, patients are expected to pay different prices while suffering from unique dental issues.

Prices vary based on a couple of reasons:

  • Severity of problem
  • Aesthetic goals
  • Skills of your dentists
  • Reputation of clinic

Insurance And Financing:

Dental procedures are so far expensive; hardly being covered by insurance companies. You can check with your particular providers if they assist you in some means. See what’s exactly being covered and what you may need to pay with your pocket. Besides this, you can catch our installment plans or other discounted offers. Talk directly with our team to find if they are allies to your particular condition and offered charges.

You Should Know:

Before the process begins, dental professionals usually guide on expected costs. If it’s cheap, don’t always doubt the results. Inexpensive procedures don’t necessarily mean poor-dentistry services. Clinics meeting the high standards of the FDA also offer dentistry services at the lowest rates due to high competition in the market.


Every time you smile, either it could make you look beautiful or perhaps horrid. All it depends upon aesthetics and surely the functionality of your mouth. No matter whatever the concern, uneven teeth gaps, worn teeth, misalignments, gum disease, or even extremely yellow teeth. Chill out, we can help with Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

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