FUE Hair Transplant and Its Multiple Benefits

Things You Should Know About Hair Transplants:

Hair loss problems are very common nowadays, people are considering several treatments to resolve these issues. As we know that severe hair loss can cause complete baldness so it must be treated as soon as possible. You can go for medications, FUE, PRP, laser therapy, hair wigs, and hair transplants to combat hair thinning and pattern baldness. But among all these options, a hair transplant is the best option for you. It is the only permanent natural solution to the hair loss issue.

A hair transplant can be done in two different ways:

Follicular unit transaction – FUT:

FUT is also known as the strip extraction method. In this hair restoration technique, a strip is drawn out from the scalp and follicles are extracted from that strip

Follicular unit extraction – FUE:

FUE is an effective, widely used, and very popular hair transplant technique. This method involves one-by-one extraction of follicles from the safe donor area.

After utilizing one of these two techniques, the prepared grafts are placed in the bald areas

What happens during Follicular unit extraction?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia to avoid discomfort. During the treatment, naturally occurring groups of two to four hairs are extracted from the scalp for transplanting to the bald area. The process is repeated until the required volume of hair is achieved from the procedure. Once completed, bandages are placed all over the scalp to control bleeding and protect against infection.

Why is FUE so popular?

FUE is one of the most demanding procedures nowadays. It is more common and people prefer it over FUT because it brings a lot of additional benefits.

  • This procedure is less invasive than Follicular unit transactions therefore its demand is on the rise these days.
  • No general anesthesia is required so you will not suffer from risks associated with this anesthesia type.
  • It is virtually painless so you will be kept awake throughout the surgery.
  • Incisions size are much smaller so scars resulting from the surgery are nearly invisible.
  • There is no downtime of the FUE hair transplant so you are allowed to return to routine activities after having it.
  • This advanced hair restoration method provides guaranteed results.
  • There is pain or discomfort during this less invasive procedure.
  • The results are more natural-looking and impressive than traditional hair transplants.
  • Any individual who is physically and mentally healthy can undergo transplant surgery.
  • Side effects are minor, bearable, and resolve within a week.
  • Recovery is shorter and easier than the Follicular unit transaction method.

Is FUE scarless?

Some surgeons consider FUE scarless, but in fact, it is not. It leaves behind a lot of small donor scars on the scalp. But you should know that it does not leave a long scar on the back of the scalp as FUT does. The small scars make it a better choice than the traditional hair transplant because they could be easily hidden with your existing hair.

FUE Recovery:

Recovery of Follicular unit extraction is faster, easier, and simpler than a traditional hair transplant. But after the procedure, there will be small scabs and scars all over your scalp. Don’t be worried about them because they will face over time. However, you can also expect to experience bruising, swelling, and discomfort in your treatment area because it is normal and happens with almost every patient.

Cost of FUE Hair Transplant?

The cost of FUE hair transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah varies depending upon a variety of factors. Common cost factors include the degree of hair loss, desired outcome, the geographical location of the clinic, and the expertise of the surgeon. Contact our team if you want to know the exact cost of your FUE surgery.

HUMAN HAIR WIG –A Good Alternative to Hair Transplant

If you are stressed because of hair loss issues and not ready to undergo surgical hair restoration, a Human hair wig is a good alternative for you. This non-surgical hair restoration is waiting for you to restore the lost crowning glory of your scalp. Once carefully attached to the scalp, it will give an enhanced, natural and fuller look to the scalp. And please note that there is no bleeding, major side effects, and a long recovery period after it.

Wrapping up!

Because this hair restoration method generally works on every person so it is in high demand. It fixes baldness issues without causing any serious complications. So, if you are thinking to combat your hair loss, you should definitely go with this option. It delivers permanent and satisfying results to most patients. For more information about FUE hair transplant and Its Multiple Benefits, you can contact us. Fill out the consultation form or call us on the phone to book a free appointment with one of our experts.