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Your body consists of many features that define you as well as your personality. One of the most prominent features is your hair. You are likely to find many people pointing at a stranger and calling them out by the way their hair looks. For instance, they might say that a blonde lady is standing next to the subway. On other occasions, your hair also defines your personality so if you wear it down, it might mean you are bold and confident.

For quite some time now people have indulged in conventional and home remedies to get their desired hair. These methods may include the use of certain kinds of shampoos, hair masks, and serums, or solutions that people create using organic things in their homes. However, these methods are only effective for a short time and demand an extensive amount of dedication and commitment for a person to obtain the best results.

Luckily, now there are several options available to get you the kind of hair you always wanted, such as front-line hair fixing in Dubai or hair transplant in Dubai procedure. Get to know more about such treatments to get fuller hair, through this informative article.

Is there a way to permanently fix your hair?

There are several ways to get thick and beautiful hair, which are

Front Line Hair Fixing:

This hair loss treatment in Dubai uses the hair transplant technique. As the name suggests it is applied to people who do not have hair on their front lines. There are two prominent ways to go about the treatment. The first one is a surgical way and the second is the non-surgical hair replacement in Dubai. For several years many doctors have tried to prove that the best way is the surgical way as it tends to stay effective for a longer time.

How Is Front Line Hair Fixing Treatment Carried Out?

As a first step, the surgeon gives local anesthesia to the patient to numb the areas, so that they do not feel any kind of pain. After that, the surgeon removes the healthy hair follicles from the back of the head and makes grafts. Each graft generally consists of two or three hair follicles, which are then used to fix the hair on the front line as they are placed one by one. As the last step of the process, the surgeon then simply uses bandages to cover the scalp and avoid bleeding.

Benefits Of The Treatment:

There are several advantages to the people who think of getting the procedure done on themselves. these include

  • The procedure allows the regrowth of hair to naturally.
  • It is safe and very effective.
  • It is affordable which means it is accessible to most people.
  • It gives results that last longer compared to other treatments.
  • It is not at all complex to perform.


Since the non-surgical way is not too complex of a procedure, the recovery time takes no time. However, the surgical method may take some time, as the wounds on the scalp need to heal and it is important for a person to follow some of the precautionary measures that the surgeon prescribes afterward. These measures may include, not touching the treated area for the initial few days, not exposing the treated area to the sun for a few days, not using any kind of shampoos or other artificial chemicals on the treated area, and so on.

How Much Does Hair Fixing Cost?

The cost of a hair transplant in Dubai depends on several factors, that includes, the location of the clinic the expertise of the doctors, the number of hair follicles required, and the number of sessions it takes. Typically, the price for the procedure ranges between AED 7000 to AED 1500. However, if a non-surgical approach is adopted then the price is relatively different and ranges between AED 2000 to AED 5000.

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