Four Cosmetic Surgeries Men are Getting in 2022

 It is not surprising to say that men are also getting their hands on cosmetic surgeries this year. Although this year is coming to an end, cosmetic surgeries are still running widely and our clinic caters almost thousands of cosmetic surgeries regularly. Our satisfied clients and their feedback is a clear example portraying our clinic as the best in providing the Cosmetic Surgeries in Dubai.

Why have Cosmetic Surgeries Become so Important? 

The reason why cosmetic surgeries have become so common in men is basically because the need for the attraction of beauty and glamor has taken the lead. 

This era is all about looking attractive and having a perfect body shape with a face.   We believe that aesthetic or cosmetic procedures are not just to improve aesthetics but also to help enhance the self-confidence and esteem of the candidate.

On the darker side the reason why cosmetic surgeries are very common in 2022 is because of the rise in the cases of bullying and body shaming.

Last but not the least another reason why men choose cosmetic surgeries is because of their personal preferences and choices. Sometimes a person is not fully satisfied with his appearance and so Cosmetic Surgeries in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can play a just role.

What are the Uses of Cosmetic Surgeries ? 

  • To reduce instant weight.
  •  to enhance the overall body profile.
  •  for the improvement of facial aesthetics.
  •  to get rid of the sagging skin after liposuction.
  •  To look youthful and radiant.

Four Cosmetic Surgeries Men are Getting in 2022:

Here are some of the top leading cosmetic surgeries men are getting done in 2022.

Liposuction Followed by Body Sculpting:

Obesity and overweight is not just considered as a taboo but also has an increased risk to the health of a person irrespective of age, gender caste and creed.

It is important to have your weight within your BMI limits and exceeding it can start to take a toll on your body systems especially targeting the cardiac system.  

Liposuction is just on point for those who are unable to lose weight through workout and diet control. It cuts down the fat from the various areas that include the abdomen, arms, hips, buttocks, waist etc.

This is not just the end, after liposuction your skin  becomes loose as a lot of the fat is discarded.  When the body loses a considerable amount of fat, the skin starts to sag and loses its elasticity. This extra skin can be removed by body sculpting. 

It is a procedure in which extra skin that has been observed to drool is excised off. 


Tired of being bullied for your bulbous nose? Do you want to reshape your nose and bring it in a well contoured manner? Rhinoplasty is just the right button. It is readily available in two methods: surgical and non-surgical. A surgical rhinoplasty is invasive and has long term effects however in the case of liquid rhinoplasty the treatment is done by the use of dermal fillers.

 The goal of rhinoplasty is to resurface and reshape your nose by making it well profound and symmetrical. 

 Male Breast Reduction:

 A lot of the men often spend hours and hours in the gym to have that Six Pack Abs and a heavy chest. 

Nonetheless not every man admires to have an over protruding chest. A male breast reduction surgery can be the right treatment of choice for those who want an optimum chest that can complement their body type.  

Brows Thread Lift:

Brow lifting is not just bound for women alone. Some men also go for Brow Lifting and it is also categorized as one of the leading cosmetic surgeries of 2022. The surgery is done by using fine threads inserted into the brow bone and then stretched backwards to reinsert it into the forehead.  It gives the illusion of foxy browse that is one of the trending procedures this year. 


The cosmetic surgical procedures and  treatments that are listed above are all done after a thorough consultation and examination by the surgeon. Our clinic offers all the leading cosmetic surgeries at very affordable prices.

What Can be the Potential Risks after the Cosmetic Surgeries? 

It is very important to acknowledge the potential risks before going for any surgery. However your surgeon will guide you about the post surgical cares to follow. This will considerably lower the hazard that can occur after the surgery has taken place. 

Some of the common potential risks include: 

  •  Mild to moderate pain after liposuction.
  •  Mild to moderate redness and irritation after rhinoplasty.
  •  Minor breathing issues in the first few hours after a rhinoplasty surgery.
  •  Pain in the areas where the stitches are threads are placed in case of thread lifting.
  •  Post treatment infections in breast reduction surgery.

Final Thoughts!

If you also want to follow the trend like others then get your hands on the Cosmetic Surgeries in Dubai,  Abu Dhabi & Sharjah from our clinic at a very affordable cost. All you need to do is just book an appointment with the surgeon. For your knowledge the consultation is free in our clinic. The surgeon will later schedule you for the treatment right away.

So keep up with the trend and avail the offers right now.