Five Quick and Effective Treatments for Acne Scars

You know that acne is not as bad as the scars it leaves behind. No matter how much you try to control the scars they still appear. The main reason why scars appear is because of scratching the pimple or bumps with your Nails.In some candidates the scars are very likely to appear especially if they have a very low repair mechanism in the body. It can be because of blood deficiency.  You can now improve your skin condition and get rid of the stubborn scars by getting your hands on the Acne Scar treatment in Dubai which is the topmost successfully running  treatment in our clinic prescribed by dermatologists. 

Causes of Acne and Acne Scars:

The major cause of acne is still unknown. It is idiopathic in nature however certain probable causes can include: 

  •  Having an extremely oily skin and hyperactive sebaceous glands and sebum.
  •  Lack of hydration in the body leading to dry patches on the skin.
  •  excessive exposure in the sun.
  •  hormonal imbalance causing overproduction of oil on the face.
  •  increased levels of male hormones in the body such as testosterone.
  •  skin infection.
  •  Licking or scratching the acne vigorously.
  •  trying on the DIY home remedies that often go wrong.
  •  Not consulting a dermatologist in case of initial acne.

Five Quick and Effective Treatments for Acne Scars:

Seek Assistance from a Dermatologist:

The best and foremost effective treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai is to first seek assistance from a dermatologist. You never know that your acne might be a cause of the serious skin issue you are not paying attention to. Our Dynamic clinic is well saturated with dermatologists who are very skillful and highly qualified.

Aesthetic facials:

A lot of the facials now widely available such as hydrafacial, carbon laser facial, vampire facial, red carpet facial etc and the successfully running and top rated facials in our clinic for you. Our valued patients have given positive feedback on all those facials in response to their acne scar treatment. 

PRP treatment:

PRP treatment is the next best treatment for acne scars after the aesthetic facials. The treatment is completely natural devoid of any side effects and helps in the natural enhancement of blood supply into the skin.  The treatment technology uses the component of blood in the form of platelets rich plasma and it is then reinjected into the skin. 

This PRP is expected to enhance and improve overall blood circulation which as a consequence improves the acne scars as well as the existing acne.


You will be surprised to know that ultrasound is not just bound to investigations and screenings but also the technology is now widely acceptable for the use in skin treatments. 

The high intensity focused ultrasound( HIFU)  is now used as an Acne Scar treatment in Dubai and is available in our clinic at a very affordable price.

Laser Therapies:

If you want instant clearing of your scars and hair removal simultaneously then book yourself a laser session which targets the hyperpigmented areas of the scars and instantly clears off without leaving any marks. 

NOTE that every treatment mentioned above is done after the recommendation of the dermatologist based on a thorough examination of your skin. 

How do I know Which is the best Acne Scar treatment for Me?

If you want to know which is the best acne scar treatment for you then it is better to first book an appointment with the dermatologist. The dermatologist will prescribe the treatment based on your skin type and the level of severity of imperfections and skin’s healing mechanism. 

What are the Potential Risks of Acne Scars treatment?

If you choose a sound dermatologist and experienced skin specialist then it is very less likely to face any potential risks for the skin treatments. 

however you can experience either of the following risks: 

  •  Mild to moderate redness.
  •  Tingling sensation especially after laser therapy sessions.
  •  Pain at the injection site after a PRP treatment.
  •  Discomfort and irritated skin after HIFU treatment.

 Why Choose Us?

When thinking about going for aesthetic skincare treatments you can consult our clinic without giving a second thought because we have a very skillful and experienced team of dermatologists and skin specialists who have been providing skin related treatments for years.  This makes them commendable and strive to provide the best. 

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