Familiarity With Nail Diseases

The nail, which lacks any sensations or nerves, is one of the body’s dead parts. In ideal and favorable circumstances, the nail is beautiful, and in addition to being attractive, it also makes objects easier for people to lift. If they chip or shatter easily, the body may be experiencing nutritional issues. While many people may view nails as an insignificant aspect of a person’s body, doctors can identify a variety of systemic ailments in patients by looking at their nails. It is very essential for the function of the fingers and the protection of the hands, in addition to contributing to their aesthetic appeal, which is significantly influenced by the nails; nail diseases, however, are extremely painful and uncomfortable. The nails contain a range of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, chemicals, and physical agents, much like any other body part. nail alterations may be a sign of an infection or underlying systemic disease. Nail conditions have the potential to deteriorate over time, dramatically affect daily function, and lower quality of life if left untreated. If you want to learn more about Nail Disease Treatment in Dubai, then here is the complete information.

Reasons for Nail Diseases:

Age or small accidents may cause the nails to develop vertical ridges or fragility. Infections, traumas, and the use of specific medications can all cause discoloration, staining, and nail detachment. Psoriasis frequently results in abnormalities in the nails. Trauma to the nail can result in anomalies such as nail form changes, patches, and color changes.

Who are the Candidates?

It is preferable to consult a physician if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • If you see any alterations to the nail’s shape, such as nail curling,
  • If the color of your nails changes, such as with dark or white streaks,
  • If you notice any alterations in nail thickness, such as nail thinning or thickening,
  • Broken nail.
  • if the nail got blue and red.
  • If swelling occurs around the nails,
  • Feel any discomfort near the nail.
  • There is bleeding near the nail.

Types of Nail Disease:

Consult a doctor right away if you see any indications of changes in the nails of your hands or feet! Changes indicate that internal organ or nail problems have started. The sooner treatment begins, the sooner the cause of external changes can be identified. The issue must be addressed because it won’t go away on its own. The following are the main disorders:

Bio Lines:

Bio lines are depressions created in the nail. These lines are an indication of malnutrition. Additionally, if you have lines, the following things can occur:

  • High-fever illnesses include measles, mumps, and scarlet fever.
  • Vascular conditions
  • An illness known as pneumonia allows the air cysts in one or both lungs to collapse.
  • zinc insufficiency

Protruding Nail:

When your nails grow thicker and curl around the tips of your fingers, it results in ingrown toenails. Years may pass throughout this process. Reduced oxygen concentrations in the blood or any of the subsequent elements may be to blame for this complication:

  • vascular conditions.
  • Colitis of the bowels.
  • liver illness.
  • pulmonary conditions.
  • AIDS.

 Bacterial Paronychia:

An unpleasant, common, and untreatable infectious condition, nail fungus can cause serious problems if not addressed right away. Onychomycosis also causes discomfort, such as an unpleasant odor, itching, and an unsightly nail appearance.

Koiluncia (Spooning of Nails):

Koilonia disease is a condition that results in a spoon-shaped lump on the nail and causes the nails to bend outward. Sometimes the nail is sufficiently curved to accommodate a liquid drop.

Uneven Lines:

Wide white lines known as “Mace’s lines” can indicate arsenic poisoning. If a patient has this condition, the doctor will take a sample of hair or body tissue for further examination to see if poisoning is in the patient’s system.

Nail Holes:

Small dents or holes called perforations can be seen in nails. Psoriasis patients frequently have this consequence. In the case of certain systemic illnesses, it is possible to see holes in the nails.

Terry’s Nails:

When a dark band appears at the tips of the nails, this condition is present. Although these factors may also play a role, age is the main contributor to this issue.

Treatment for Nail Disease:

There are numerous Nail Disease Treatments Available in Dubai; however, consult an expert for the best option. The following are some treatment options:


Several medications may be prescribed by your doctor for oral use or topically on the nail.

  • Oral antifungal medications: These medications are frequently chosen first. Itraconazole is one alternative (Sporanox). These medications naturally replace the infected nail with a new one.
  • Medicated nail paint: Your physician might suggest ciclopirox, an antifungal nail paint (Penlac). You apply it once daily to the epidermis near the defective nails and the nails themselves; it is helpful for the initial stage.
  • Cream for treating nails: Your doctor might suggest an antifungal cream like (Jublia) or tavaborole (Kerydin). After soaking, you apply this product to your affected nails.


Your doctor could advise temporarily removing the nail so that the infection under it can be treated with an antifungal medication. The most efficient, but least used, the method is to have the nail and its root surgically removed.


The Price of a Nail Disorder Treatment in Dubai is very inexpensive and manageable, but it is not fixed and constant; it depends on multiple factors, including the geographical location of the clinic (if it is located in a posh area, then the cost will be high); the experience of the doctor (highly skilled doctors charge more than less experienced doctors); the selection of the procedure (each procedure is performed for a different treatment); and the severity of the treatment. You can get more information during the consultation.

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