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Facial reconstruction surgery is one of our signature surgeries at Dynamic clinic. Through this procedure, one enhances facial symmetry by modifying one or more facial characteristics. People may opt for this for both aesthetic and medical concerns. In general, no matter the reason, it can reconstruct the face to make you feel and look better. Besides enhancing the anatomy, it can be used as a helping hand to reverse the signs of aging on the face, especially the forehead. At Dynamic clinic, these types of cosmetic surgeries are carried out by experienced and certified surgeons so I can make sure that you won’t regret choosing us.


Like any cosmetic surgery, there are benefits and risks with having Facial reconstructive surgery. For many, the desire to no longer have a congenital anomaly can far outweigh concerns over costs that may worry you. Here are 6 benefits to keep in mind as you educate yourself for this journey:

  1. A long-term solution
  2. Offers natural-looking results
  3. Cost savings
  4. Better look
  5. Improved self-esteem
  6. Short downtime


Dubai is the world’s best plastic surgery city. The cost of Facial reconstructive surgery in Dubai is somewhere between AED 15,000 to AED 28,000 depending on the facial characteristic you want to modify, the extent of the procedure, the area you go, and the surgeon. Dubai is known for its advanced procedures and skilled surgeons and it may potentially be more fruitful to get the surgery here.

Main factors that can influence facial reconstruction surgery cost include:

Type of Facial Deformity:

This surgery can treat a wide variety of facial irregularities. Whether it is skin damage or cleft lip, Facial reconstruction is always an option. However, the extent of the procedure significantly affects the cost. The more effort surgeon puts into the operation, the more it will cost you.

Qualifications of the Surgeon:

The operating practitioner should be a qualified plastic/cosmetic surgeon that has many years of experience in performing facial reconstructive surgeries. However, if the surgeon comes highly in-demand and recommended, he can command higher prices for his services.

Besides, how much work experience he has, the quality of the outcomes also come into consideration. If a physician has performed a lot of quality work in the past, he can charge a high price as well.

Comparing the Costs of Surgeries in Dubai and the World:

If you are considering coming to Dubai to receive Facial Reconstruction Surgery Cost, remember how much cheaper yet successful this surgery can be in Dubai vs. the world.

With the standard cost of Facial Reconstruction Surgery in Dubai starting at an average of AED 18,000 and rising to an amazing minimal cost of $4900 in US and European countries, you can save up to 50-60% on the cost of the procedure simply by receiving it in Dubai. Also, we have a panel of experienced surgeons working with us, I guarantee that you will get the best possible results here.

100% Financing with 0% Interest:

At Dynamic clinic, you can get an interest free loan, if you have a problem with the surgery cost. With this outstanding financial offer, pay for the surgery cost with no interest at all. More detailed information can be found at the initial appointment.

Schedule a Free Consultation:

If you want to clarify further queries, an initial consultation is needed. We strive to make others happy meaning patient satisfaction is our main goal. In fact, in this regard, we offer free of cost consultations on most of our cosmetic and medical procedures. To start your journey with us, fill the short consultation form now.