Eyebrow Transplants - Reasons People Have Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Cosmetic surgery for eyebrows

Because bushier eyebrows are trending these days so people want thicker and fuller eyebrows. Eyebrow transplant is the best option for you is you have thin or sparse brows. In this cosmetic procedure, hair grafts are extracted from different areas of the body and inserted in the brow area. The transferred ones will fall out and new hair will grow after some time and they would look completely natural. As a result of the treatment, you get a fuller, thicker and bushier brows.

My advice when it comes to eyebrow transplant

You can get an eyebrow hair transplant if you have lost because of burn or accident. Eyebrow affects the overall facial appearance so they need to be perfectly shaped. Transplants are very popular because it delivers permanent results. It works by restoring the hair growth in the eyebrow area to make them look fuller. Before the surgery make sure whether the treatment is right for you or not. Contact a surgeon he will help you make the right decision.

Why do people seek an eyebrow transplant?

Many men and women are undergoing eyebrow transplant because people nowadays are more self-conscious and ready to spend money on their beauty.

1. Over-plucking

Sometimes over-plucking results in permanent loss of eyebrow hair which becomes a big problem for many women. Normally, the plucked hair regrows after 50 to 60 days but excessive plucking can stop the growth permanently. But don’t lose hope because hair transplant can help you in this situation. It stimulates hair growth and lessens the natural hair shedding process.

2. Accidents

Eyebrow growth can be affected by accidents because traumatic injuries result in permanent scarring which stops the hair growth in that area. So, if you had an accident and you want your eyebrows to look the way they looked earlier then hair transplant might be a good choice for you.

3. Naturally patchy brows

If you have patchy and sparse eyebrows don’t fear pretty hair because you can still be a candidate for hair transplant. It is long term solution to the thin and sparse eyebrows because the results last for years. With this procedure, the patient is able to get the shape and density he/she wishes to get. This type of transplant usually requires 100 to 199 grafts.

4. Touch-up

Mostly women use eyebrow pencils for touch-ups to get perfect brows but it is a temporary solution. You can get a hair transplant if you want to produce permanent changes. Generally, 50 to 69 hair grafts are enough for this type of change.

5. trichotillomania

In this trichotillomania, patients compulsively pluck hairs from scalp, eyebrow, eyelash and other body parts. People suffering from this mental condition also opting this surgery in great demand.

What do you need to know about eyebrow transplant recovery?

The recovery period of eyebrow transplant is relatively quick but it varies from person to person. Some scabbing will appear after the procedure but it will go away within a few days. The patient is advised to avoid vigorous exercising during the recovery period. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience continuous bleeding at the treatment site. However, you will notice that transplanted hair will fall out after 4-8 days of the surgery and it is a part of transplant surgery and completely normal. Your new eyebrows will fully grow over the next few weeks.