Exilis Treatment For Skin Tightening

Aging is an inescapable biological process that begins at conception and ends with death. Exilis Treatment is a non-invasive alternative for changing the contour and lithe figure. This cutting-edge technique lowers fat and tightens skin in the neck, face, stomach, arm, thigh, knees, calf, and chest (for men).

Collagen and elastin production declines with age, and fat cells accumulate, resulting in dull skin lolls, slumps, and many fine lines and wrinkles. Exilis Treatment For Skin Tightening in Dubai decreases fat levels, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin texture, and adds firmness and suppleness.

Exilis Treatment, And How Does It Work?

The Exilis Treatment for Skin Tightening is a non-surgical aesthetic skin treatment that uses a laser and radiofrequency to reduce fat volume. This is intended to tighten skin, increase shine, and improve skin texture. The laser causes fat cells to constrict, and radiofrequency causes fat cells to dissolve into water, fatty acids, and glycerol. Glycerol is absorbed by the lymphatic system, whereas fatty acids are metabolised by the liver and converted to energy.


  • The synthesis of elastin and collagen decreases with age, causing the skin to become coarse, loose, and saggy.
  • Lax skin, sagging skin, and wrinkled skin are signs of ageing caused by fat accumulation. Exilis treatment is an excellent option for people who cannot undergo surgery due to underlying medical issues.

Symptoms And Signs:

Exilis Treatment is an excellent solution for people with superficial, deep wrinkles and fine lines in the neck, face, and body. Fat deposits can be significantly reduced with a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and consistent Exilis Treatment Procedure sessions, with a long-term result. A person with a resistant, mild to moderate fat deposit can gain a lot from the system and prevent more invasive procedures like liposuction in the future.


  • In this treatment, the heat from the ultrasound triggers the deepest subcutaneous fatty cells, causing them to break. The fat evaporates into the surrounding cells, causing the cells to shrink. The body absorbs the appropriate amount of fat through metabolism and discards the rest through metabolism. The entire procedure is safe and comfortable because there is an inbuilt cooling system.
  • The Exilis Treatment Procedure combines radiofrequency radiation (3.4 MHz up to 120 Watts), ultrasound, and skin cooling to treat more delicate lines on the outer skin layer, deeper wrinkles, and sagging skin jowls.
  • For collagen stimulation, the gadget raises the skin temperature to 40-42o C for four to five minutes in the targeted area.
  • Collagen’s triple helix structure dissolves when heated, allowing new tissue to grow over time. The new collagen structure tightens and rejuvenates flabby skin, making it look younger and smoother.


  • This is advised for adults between the ages of twenty-five and sixty-five who have wrinkles or deep creases and want to contour their bodies.
  • Since this is a non-surgical procedure, one can quickly resume normal activities. The cost of Exilis treatment  is determined by the number of sessions and areas of application.
  • Treatment options should be discussed with a plastic surgeon.
  • Request an appointment with a board-certified surgeon in Dubai to discuss the Exilis Treatment’s adverse effects, outcomes, and cost. The surgeon will go over the several types of Exilis Treatment and body sculpting and skin tightening options. Choose the most up-to-date and risk-free body shaping technique.

Getting Ready For Treatment:

  • It is recommended that you abstain from consuming alcohol for twenty-four hours before this treatment.
  • Blood-thinning medications, anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements must all be avoided by the patient.
  • You should drink at least 64 ounces (1.89 litres) of water before, during, and after the Exilis Treatment Procedure.

Recovery Period:

  • Exilis Treatment has no downtime because it is a non-invasive atheistic skin treatment.
  • After the surgery, patients can resume their routine.
  • A follow-up treatment is recommended for the best results.

Expectations And Results:

After a few sessions, the Exilis Treatment yields a considerable result. After finishing a course of treatment, a patient may lose one to four inches in the operated area. The therapy seeks to improve skin texture and laxity by strengthening and rejuvenating collagen tissues.

Exilis Treatment Cost For Skin Tightening:

The Exilis treatment cost in Dubai  varies between AED 800 to AED 2000.

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