Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost In Dubai

Millions of men across the world suffer from a common ailment known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is often known as impotence. Even though it might be difficult to have an honest conversation about it, it’s important. That will help to address the matter and be aware of the various treatment choices and their associated expenses. Are you concerned about the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Cost In Dubai? Men frequently experience challenges with penile tissue erectness. Which has a direct impact on their sexual activities and reproduction procedures. People hide these intimate issues due to societal pressure and a lack of confidence. Our clinic offers a private consultation with specialists who will inform you about its efficacy.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

It is an intimate disorder in which a man has continuous difficulties or an inability to obtain or maintain an adequate erection. That is very important for sexual intercourse. This ailment is also known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction can make sex difficult if not treated. Although it is normally reversible in most situations.


It is the inability to acquire or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Any illness that alters how blood flows through your body may result in ED. Medication, chronic diseases, and insufficient blood supply to the penis. However, consuming too much alcohol or being too sleepy causes anxiety and stress. Also, depression is a cause of erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, renal disease, nerve and brain diseases, and restricted or blocked arteries. On the other hand, high blood pressure and excessive cholesterol are all major causes of ED. Other reasons include prostate or bladder surgery, pelvic, bladder, spinal cord, or penis damage, and hormone imbalance.

Options for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment And Cost:

The good news is that several ED therapies work well and may greatly raise a man’s standard of living. The following are a few of the most popular forms of treatment:

  • Simple lifestyle Adjustments:

It is like eating a healthy diet, getting frequent exercise, and practicing stress management. That can occasionally help reduce the symptoms of ED.

  • Medications:

Known as PDE5 inhibitors, medications such as Levitra (Vardenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), and Viagra (Sildenafil) are frequently given to assist men in getting and sustaining erections. Depending on the brand, dose, and amount, the price of these drugs may change. The Cost Of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Dubai ranges from AED 30 to AED 70 per pill.

  • Vacuum Erection Devices (VEDs):

These devices pump blood into the penis using a vacuum. Which also aids in the formation of an erection. Vacuum Erection Devices Cost In Dubai, depending on the brand and type, VEDs can cost anywhere from AED 400 to AED 1,000 or more.

  • Penile Injections:

Injectable drugs like Alprostadil, which are injected straight into the penis. That helps to increase blood flow. It may also be helpful for certain men. The kind of drug and the frequency of administration can affect the cost of these injections. The Cost of injectable ED drugs can vary from AED 100 to AED 400 for each dosage, with the total cost dependent on how often the medication is used.

  • Penile Implants:

Surgical procedures such as penile implants may be suggested in situations of extreme ED. Because of the procedure and the actual device. Penile implants can be expensive. The Cost Of Penile Implant surgery in Dubai is a more invasive and expensive option. It ranges from AED 30,000 to AED 60,000 or more.

  • P-Shot:

The Priapus Shot, sometimes known colloquially as the P-Shot. It is a medical treatment used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is a non-surgical, minimally invasive therapeutic option that makes use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which is produced from the patient’s blood. Growth factors and other bioactive components are included in PRP. That can drive tissue regeneration and enhance blood flow. This is accomplished by injecting PRP directly into the penis. To improve sexual performance and erectile function. The Cost of a P-Shot Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Dubai can range from AED 3,000 to AED 6,000 or more.

  • Psychotherapy and Counseling:

These two types of treatments may be beneficial. But when psychological problems play a role in ED. These sessions might range in price. Costs of psychotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction In Dubai sessions vary depending on the therapist and the duration of treatment. Be prepared for hourly rates ranging from AED 250 to AED 600 or more.


Like in many other countries, the Cost of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Dubai varies greatly depending on the kind of treatment. And also where you receive medical attention. The following factors can alter the cost of the treatment:

Cost-Affecting Factors:

The price of each procedure is not reliable. It can be changed because of many factors. The following are the cost-boosting factors:

  • The expertise of the expert can influence treatment costs.
  • The location of the clinic can also affect the cost of the procedure.
  • The severity of the problem also plays a role.
  • The selection of the procedure can change the expense of the treatment.
  • The expense of more intrusive procedures, such as penile implants or vascular surgery.
  • Some people may benefit from a mix of therapies, which can raise the total cost.
  • Various investigations, like blood testing, ultrasounds, or other diagnostic procedures.
  • That may be required for an accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of ED.
  • These tests can increase the overall cost of ED therapy.

It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional to discuss your specific situation. And determine the most appropriate and cost-effective treatment for your needs.

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