Elipse Balloon Program for Weight Loss in Dubai - Cost & Packages

Over the last few years, there have been numerous Weight loss clinics in Dubai. For most people, it can be very difficult to lose weight the old-fashioned way. It can take up too much effort and energy and requires a lot of time. You also need to be very patient as it can up to years before you can successfully shed all your current weight. The modern man believes that there should be an easy way to every hardship in life.

This includes weight loss as well. This is why Dynamic Clinic is offering all sorts of surgical and nonsurgical weight loss procedures. With the introduction of non-invasive methods, the latest is the Elipse Balloon program for weight loss in Dubai.  This procedure is available for anyone who is overweight and wants to shed their weight quickly.

What is the Elipse Balloon Diet Program?

It is the latest method available in the market that involves no surgery and helps patients lose rapid weight. The procedure is non-invasive and involves swallowing a pill-sized balloon that is inflated using a fluid. The process is considered safe and secure as compared to getting surgery. This inflated balloon will help you lose weight in about 4 months and after that, you will get used to your diet program. This balloon is commonly known as the Gastric Balloon in Dubai and it controls the amount of food that goes into the stomach.

How is the Balloon Administered?

You cannot administer this balloon at home as there can be serious consequences. For your own safety, it is best that you get a professional to do it for you. It is administered in the following steps:

  • First, your doctor will discuss the results and details of the process.
  • Next, he will lower the balloon into your stomach using a very thin feeding tube.
  • Once the balloon is in your stomach, the feeding tube will be attached to the IV line.
  • This IV line will be used to deliver the balloon fluid.
  • Once the balloon is inflated, you will be free to go home.

Implanting a Gastric Balloon in Dubai will last around 4 months before you have to remove it. The balloon will simply exit the body through the excretion. If you feel like the balloon is still inside your body, please do consult our doctors.

Are There Any Risks Involved with The Elipse Balloon Program?

There are a lot of speculations that this procedure is risky and should be avoided. That is not true however as this is a safe alternative to getting Gastric Bypass Surgery. There are some symptoms, however, you will face during the first 8 days of getting the balloon inserted. They are:

  • Slight Nausea and disgust for food.
  • Abdomen pain as the balloon adjusts to your stomach.
  • Vomiting as the stomach will try to push out the alien entity.
  • Bloating for a few days.

These symptoms are very rare with only 1 in a 100 patients going through them. They also only last a few days as your body is getting accustomed to the treatment. So we can easily say that the Elipse Balloon program for weight loss in Dubai is a risk-free procedure.

What is the Cost of the Elipse Balloon Program for Weight loss?

This procedure costs less money when compared to getting a Gastric Bypass Surgery. Our clinic offers its patients The Elipse Balloon Dubai Price starting from just 14,800 AED. This is not just the cost of the balloon or the cost of having it implanted.

This cost also contains a few other services as well. You can also pick different packages based on your preferences. However, each package offers a different number of services, hence they will also cost more.

Available Packages

Currently, there are 3 packages available for getting this procedure done. They are:

Gold Package

  • Available for 18,000 AED.
  • Includes 2 Doctor’s Visit.
  • Also Includes 4 Dietitians consultations.
  • Complimentary Body Firming & Slimming Session.

Silver Package

  • Available for 16,000 AED.
  • Includes 1 Doctor’s Visit.
  • Includes 3 Dietitians Consultations.
  • Complimentary Skin Rejuvenation Facial Session.

Bronze Package

  • Available for 14,800 AED.
  • Includes 1 Doctor Visit.
  • Includes 3 Dietitian Consultations.

Why Should You Opt for an Elipse Balloon Diet Program?

This program has many advantages, and some of them are listed below:

  • The Elipse Balloon Dubai Price is much more affordable.
  • It’s a safe and risk-free procedure.
  • There is no downtime to this technique.
  • The balloon easily exits the body within 4 months.
  • There are no scars left due to the procedure.
  • You can get this treatment as many times as you want.

Get Back in Shape with  Us!

Losing weight can be very drastic and requires a lot of hard work. Well not anymore!

With advancements in technology, you can easily lose weight using Elipse Balloon Technology. So sign up and get a complimentary session today from Dynamic Clinic, the best Weight loss clinic in Dubai.