Elelyft Lip Lift in Dubai

Exposing the upper teeth is the new fashion!

Reportedly, many women (especially celebrities) are looking for ways to have plumper, sexier, and lifted lips. This could mean lip fillers or lip lift surgery. Either way, investing one time lastingly in lip surgery is optimal despite repeating the same painful lip injection every three months.

Recently, Elelyft Lip Lift in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah—is introduced as the latest way to modify lips. It embraces special incisions that shorten the space between the nose and upper lip, exposing more upper teeth. This procedure is an appealing alternative to lip fillers endorses more dramatic results for a lifetime.

Previously, this surgery was only allied with a complete facelift but now tends to be practiced stand-alone as Lip Lift surgery.


  • Pleases the mouth area
  • Pronounced, lifted, and sexier lips
  • Extraordinary natural results
  • Lifetime comfort (no maintenance required)


Plan your surgery carefully with your doctor by disclosing everything concerning the lips shape and size you ever wished. You will have to understand what the doctor says and suggest. That’s how you can peruse with smooth surgery deprived of any complication.

Elelyft Lip Lift Procedure Dubai:

Elelyft Lip Lift in Dubai—45 minutes will be comfortable. Under local anesthesia, you will be responsive and awaken.

  • First of all, a special surgical ink is used to mark the incision points.
  • Once marking is complete, the patient is shown the final shape to ensure their satisfaction.
  • During surgery, surgeons make cut around the nose area and carefully remove some portion of it. (A flap is created before that hides scar).
  • In the end, precise incision closure is made with high-quality sutures that quickly heal and minimize scarring.

Incision techniques differ for every person 


Elelyft lip lift results are excellent. It provides lifted lips with realigned nose and an upper lip along with balanced facial symmetry.

Is There Any Side Effect of Lip Lift Surgery?

Since incisions are introduced to the skin, stitches may remain for seven days, and you may need one to weeks off from work; however, you can cover initial scarring with concealer. It gets fade with every passing day. There can be a swelling, bruising, and theoretical risk of infection if aftercare not being appropriately followed. Despite this, no severe side effects or complications reported with lip lift surgery till now. Here are the tips you must not forget in the recovery period.

  • Forget the sun exposures
  • Get all the prescribed medications
  • Avoid unnecessary touching
  • Resume daily activities as suggested

How Much is Elelyft lip lift in Dubai?

A lip lift won’t come cheap. This treatment can set you back around AED 15,000 or perhaps more, depending upon the alteration, complexity, and additional procedures. You can avail of our interest-free installment plans to ease the burden of a big payment.

Talk to our consultants directly for more details concerning our discounted offers and other financial plans.

Get the Best Elelyft in UAE:

Elelyft lip lift is typically a good option for women who wish for plumpness and want to lessen the height between their nose and lips. Men can also have this surgery if their lips seem unpleasant to them.

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