Does Belly fat Come Back after a Tummy Tuck Surgery

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It also goes by the name “abdominoplasty.” It is a cutting-edge technique that helps people, especially women, get rid of the sagging skin that usually results from conditions like pregnancy, fast weight loss, prior operations, etc. Various approaches can be used for a Tummy Tuck in Dubai.


It is a method for reducing excess belly fat. Additionally, it smoothes your gut and gives you a younger look. The process for abdominal plastic differs somewhat from lipo. In this surgery, removing fatty pockets is not the primary aim; rather, it is in lipo. It tightens the tissues of the wall of the abdomen in addition to focusing on removing belly fat.

For abdominoplasty, both surgical and nonsurgical methods have been tried. It is closer to an aesthetic technique in that it deals with the restoration and rebuilding of the tonicity and shape of the body. A tummy tuck in Dubai is a vital treatment that has helped many people restore their previous bodies and confidence.

After a Belly Tuck, Does Belly Fat Return?

Technically, the removed fatty cells won’t come back in the body following surgery. But other variables, such as increasing weight, becoming pregnant after finishing the therapy, hormones, aging, and others, may cause the development of new fat cells as well as an increase in the number of already-existing adipose cells.

Candidates should alter their way of life if they want to keep their bellies flat. they should maintain a balanced diet.

What Ailments Might it be Used to Treat?

As the name implies, it can only be successful if the abdomen is improved. Although there are alternate operations that can be successful, such as a stomach tuck, it is not very useful for addressing other regions.

What Steps are Included in this Surgical Procedure?

There are two ways to conduct an abdominoplasty: surgically and nonsurgically. In this article, we’ll talk about both approaches.

Surgical Technique:

Three techniques are used during Tummy Tuck Surgeries in Dubai:

Full Abdominal Surgery:

Within a complete abdominoplasty, the surgeon will first incise your abdomen starting from the corner of one hip to the other. The extra skin, tissue, and muscles that are linked to or present in that location will subsequently be removed by him. The procedure might result in the belly button being moved from its natural location.

 Partial Abdominal Surgery:

When adipose tissue or fat deposition is present where the navel typically resides, a partial abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a mini-abdominoplasty, is performed. The surgeon does not have to move the belly button out of its normal position.

While doing a partial abdominoplasty, which is the fundamental distinction between them. Another apparent difference is that a partial abdominoplasty takes less time to accomplish than a full abdominoplasty.

Extended Abdominoplasty:

This method is performed when there is fat on the back and tummy. For very overweight people who have just gone through (sucking out fat from the body) or weight reduction surgery, this tummy tuck treatment option is best for them.

Non-Surgical Process:

  • Laser Method:

Laser liposuction for a Tummy Tuck in Dubai is the most demanding method of treating fatty acids in the abdomen. It has a very high success rate. It not only helps to remove extra fat from abdominal but also improves the quality of collagen and elastin in the skin. 

  • Cool Sculpting:

Since belly fat reduction was the primary goal of CoolSculpting, the abdomen has been one of the most often treated body parts. It is also one of the most demanding methods for adipose cells. 

  • Injections for Fat Loss:

In this busy life, many people do not have time to do exercises for weight loss, so they find easy and quick ways to reduce their weight and fat. Although injections for fat loss did not show their results quickly but are the easiest and less time-consuming method. 

  • Ultrasound or Radio Frequency Therapy:

Radiofrequency treatment is the non-surgical procedure utilized for a belly tuck in Dubai. Electromagnetic radiation is used throughout the process to break down the body’s resistant fat before removing it from your immune system.

  • Heat Therapies:

In the heat treatment procedure, lasers are employed. In order to completely remove the fat bastard pockets, the heated lasers must penetrate far enough beneath the skin.

Tummy Tuck in Dubai follows the above-mentioned methods. These methods are also safe and have effective results with a quick recovery process. In nonsurgical procedures, recovery and results are slow whereas in the surgical process clients have seen changes in their physique right after the process.

Are the Effects of this Process Permanent?

This is up to the candidate; if he or she adheres to the post-operative guidelines and does not gain or lose too much weight, the procedure might continue longer.

Recuperation and Recovery time Following Abdominal Surgery:

Healing and recovering from this surgery often take one whole month. Other medical disorders, such as diabetes, which delays healing, or other comorbidities, may affect this.

Final Verdict!

It is one of the most well-known cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Your bulging abdomen may no longer provide you with aesthetic problems. There are risks and advantages to this surgical process, just as with other cosmetic procedures. But our surgeons of Tummy Tuck in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah will make sure to provide the best and safest treatment in which you do not need to face any risks. In order to assist you in making the best decision for your aesthetic needs, we want to make sure you are well informed about all of its features.