Dr. Rami Anderi

With great joy and excitement, ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present to you our newest member of the acclaimed Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, Dr. Rami Anderi. Known for his mastery in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, Dr Anderi brings an abundance of knowledge and an unmatched commitment to the art of refining beauty. Dr Anderi’s name is synonymous with brilliance and precision in his craft, serving a clientele that includes discerning individuals seeking cosmetic alterations as well as the crème de la crème of Arab celebrities. He has received a great deal of praise for his ability to strike a fine balance between creativity and science, which has cemented his place among the top authorities in his field.

As we join hands with Dr Anderi, a respected member of the elite top 100 healthcare experts, we stand on the cusp of an exciting new chapter. His steadfast devotion converges effortlessly with our vision, and together we are ready to go out on a journey of innovation and transforming beauty that promises to redefine norms and produce everlasting masterpieces in the ever-evolving field of aesthetics. Dr. Rami Anderi, welcome to our prestigious family.


Renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr Rami Anderi, who is of Brazilian and Lebanese descent, is praised for his patient-centred approach to producing outstanding outcomes. His vast experience and polished manner create a smooth transition between state-of-the-art techniques and state-of-the-art technologies, resulting in revolutionary cosmetic improvements that harmonise the fields of medical science and surgical arts.

Accomplishments and Firsthand Knowledge:

  • Intensive Care (1996): Dr. Anderi started his remarkable career in medicine by concentrating on this area, which set the groundwork for his subsequent pursuit of surgical excellence.
  • General Surgery (Since 1998): With more than twenty years of experience, Dr. Anderi has perfected his techniques and grasped the nuances of surgical practice, winning the respect and confidence of both colleagues and patients.
  • Micro Vascular Surgery (1998, France): In 1998, his quest for greatness brought him to France, where he became an expert in the highly specialised field of Micro Vascular Surgery and gained priceless knowledge of complex surgical procedures.
  • Master of Stem Cell Therapy: Dr. Anderi’s mastery of stem cell therapy, a novel treatment with great potential in the field of regenerative medicine, is a testament to his dedication to innovation and advancement.
  • Brazilian Institute of Research and Instruction, Medical Esthetician (2000): With a strong background in medical aesthetics, Dr. Anderi developed his knowledge of cosmetic refinement at the prestigious Brazilian Institute of Research and Instruction.

Medical Certification and Specialisation:

Dr. Rami Anderi’s amazing array of qualifications and wide scope of medical expertise demonstrate his commitment to quality. Dr Anderi is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of plastic surgery innovations and has completed extensive training and obtained the credentials required to provide his patients with the best care possible.

Master’s Level Qualifications and Degrees:

  • (2013) Master of Science in Stem Cell Therapy: Dr. Anderi’s quest for knowledge culminated with the awarding of a Master of Science in Stem Cell Therapy, demonstrating his proficiency in this state-of-the-art area of regenerative medicine.
  • Master’s Degree in Abdominal Dog Ear Surgery: His proficiency in Abdominal Dog Ear Surgery, a specialised procedure intended to achieve optimal results, demonstrates his commitment to accuracy and attention to detail aesthetic outcomes.


  • UAE License for Plastic Surgery (2007): Acknowledgable for his skill and knowledge, Dr Anderi is licenced to practice plastic surgery at the highest level in the United Arab Emirates thanks to his distinguished licence.
  • Saudi Plastic Surgery Licence (2009): Dr Anderi’s dedication to providing medical care to a variety of populations is demonstrated by his acquisition of a Saudi Plastic Surgery license, which enables him to provide his services to patients in Saudi Arabia.
  • (2004) Omani Licence for Plastic Surgery: He is committed to providing access to high-quality healthcare, and as such, he has a license for plastic surgery in Oman, guaranteeing that patients there receive top-notch care.
  • Lebanese Plastic Surgery Licence (2009): Dr. Anderi’s Lebanese license strengthens his ties to Lebanon. for Plastic Surgery, reaffirming his dedication to providing excellent, compassionate care to his neighborhood.

Additional Certifications:

  • Cosmetic Surgeon Active and Present (2000): Dr Anderi started his remarkable career in cosmetic surgery in 2000, intending to change people’s lives through aesthetic improvement.
  • The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery awarded experts a diploma in plastic surgery in 2002. His quest for greatness took him to Brazil, where he was able to continue his training and experience by earning an experience.
  • General Surgery (1998): With a thorough understanding of surgical principles and procedures, Dr Anderi’s training in general surgery prepared him well for his subsequent specialisation in plastic surgery.
  • Micro Vascular Surgery from France (1998): In 1998, Dr. Anderi travelled to France for specialised training in MicroVascular Surgery, where he acquired important knowledge of complex surgical techniques.
  • The Brazilian Institute of Research and Instructions’ Medical Aesthetics Programme (2000): The fact that Dr Anderi finished the Medical Aesthetics Programme is abilities in the field of cosmetic refinement, is additional evidence of his dedication to aesthetic brilliance.
  • Intensive Care (1996): Dr. Anderi’s medical career started in 1996 with a concentration on Intensive Care, which gave him a profound understanding of the vital significance of patient safety and well-being.

Associations and Memberships:

Dr. Rami Anderi’s reputation as a leader in the field of plastic surgery is underscored by his esteemed associations and memberships in prominent societies and organizations. His dedication to advancing the field and upholding the highest standards of patient care has earned him recognition and respect among his peers worldwide.

Key Memberships:

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS): As a member of ISAPS, Dr. Anderi is part of a global network of leading aesthetic plastic surgeons committed to promoting excellence in the field.
  • American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS): His membership in ASPS reflects his commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in plastic surgery.
  • International Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS): Dr. Anderi’s affiliation with IPRAS highlights his dedication to the holistic approach of plastic surgery, encompassing both reconstructive and aesthetic aspects.
  • European Society of Plastic Surgery (ESPRAS): As a member of ESPRAS, Dr. Anderi is connected to a network of esteemed plastic surgeons across Europe, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP): His membership in SBCP reflects his recognition within the Brazilian plastic surgery community and his commitment to upholding the highest standards of practice.

Regional Affiliations:

  • Gulf Society of Plastic Surgery: Dr. Anderi’s membership in the Gulf Society of Plastic Surgery demonstrates his commitment to serving patients in the Gulf region and his dedication to advancing the field within this unique cultural context.
  • Lebanese Society of Plastic Surgery: As a member of the Lebanese Society of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Anderi plays an active role in shaping the standards and practices of plastic surgery in Lebanon.
  • Omani Council of Plastic Surgery: His membership in the Omani Council of Plastic Surgery reflects his commitment to providing quality care to patients in Oman and his involvement in regulatory and educational initiatives.
  • Dubai Council of Plastic Surgery: Dr Anderi’s affiliation with the Dubai Council of Plastic Surgery highlights his presence in the vibrant healthcare landscape of Dubai and his dedication to contributing to the advancement of the field in the region.

Leadership Roles:

  • Board of Directors, Lebanese Society of Plastic Surgery: Dr. Anderi’s leadership role on the board of directors for the Lebanese Society of Plastic Surgery underscores his commitment to shaping the future of plastic surgery in Lebanon and ensuring the highest standards of practice.
  • Board Member, Omani Society for Plastic Surgery: His position as a board member of the Omani Society for Plastic Surgery reflects his active involvement in advancing the speciality within Oman and his dedication to fostering professional development among his peers.

Honours and Awards:

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Rami Anderi has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards, each a testament to his exemplary contributions to the field of plastic surgery and his unwavering commitment to excellence.


  • Title of an Expert in Plastic Surgery from the Brazilian Society: Dr. Anderi’s expertise and proficiency in plastic surgery have been acknowledged by the prestigious Brazilian Society, bestowing upon him the esteemed title of an Expert in the field.
  • Specialty Degree and Training Program in France and Brazil: His dedication to continuous learning and professional development has led Dr. Anderi to pursue specialty degrees and training programs in both France and Brazil, further enhancing his skills and expertise in plastic surgery.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Past Assistant of the Past President of the International Society: Dr. Anderi’s role as a past assistant to the President of the International Society for Plastic Surgery speaks volumes about his leadership abilities and his esteemed standing within the global plastic surgery community.
  • Countless International Scientific Publications: Dr. Anderi’s commitment to advancing the field of plastic surgery is evident in his numerous international scientific publications, where he shares his insights and expertise with colleagues worldwide, contributing to the collective knowledge of the specialty.
  • Numerous Presentations in the International Conferences of Plastic Surgery: As a sought-after speaker and presenter, Dr. Anderi has delivered numerous presentations at international conferences of plastic surgery, sharing his innovative techniques and research findings with fellow professionals on a global stage.

Embark on Your Journey:

Experience an amazing trip at the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic with Dr. Rami Anderi, where creativity and innovation combine to redefine standards of beauty. You will enter a world of possibilities as soon as you walk through our doors, all shaped by Dr. Anderi’s skill and commitment to providing outcomes that are unmatched. Dr. Anderi’s patient-centric approach guarantees that every stage of your cosmetic transformation is handled with care and accuracy, from your first consultation to the big reveal. Come along on this life-changing journey, where Dr. Rami Anderi’s expert hands will turn your vision of beauty into a reality. Fill out the form below and book a consultation.